Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Grape Dream - GTech

Brand: GTech
Strain: Grape Dream
Sativa-dominant Hybrid


Potency Analysis: TTL 26.8% THC 0% CBD 0.36% THCA 23.5% THCv 1.86%

Harvested: 04/21/2015
Smoked: 07/21/2015

Packaging: 5" x 3 1/4" clear plastic, mylar-backed rip-top zip-top bag
Cost: $15/gram
Store: 420 Holiday - Longview, WA

Grape Dream is purportedly a hybrid of Grape Ape (one of my all-time favorite strains) and Blue Dream (one of my all-time favorite strains).

This pot is just so damn crystally, hairy, and delicious.  The nuggets were relatively loose, and broke up nice and cleanly.

The smell on these nuggets is very clean and sharp, like the feel of the wind blowing over the river on a hot day.  It's incredibly pleasant and somewhat sweet with the least little bit of black pepper spiciness underneath.

The taste is mellow, and clean.  It's got the least little sweetness and floral flavor.  This is definitely a lighter flavor than I prefer.  However, it's right up my wife's alley.  She likes a light, mellow and calm smoke.

Overall for flavor and scent I was a little disappointed and when I finished smoking this, I thought "Hm, for this hybrid I really expected more".  Then it hit me.

I was very high.  Present, clear, attentive, and stoned.  I could have probably taken a nap, because I felt lots of body from this, but instead I did research and gathered some documentation for a project.  It had a good bit of life to it as well, and kept me going for a few hours.

After, I got very tired.  So I went and smoked some more, and there I was - once more attentive.

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