Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Hawaiian God Bud - 420 Natural USA

Brand: 420 Natural USA
Strain: Hawaiian God Bud
Indica-dominant Hybrid

Potency Analysis: TTL 22.65% THC 0.371% CBD 0.215% THCA 21.35%

Harvested: 03/16/2015
Smoked: 06/29/2015

Packaging: 5"x3.5" 3mil opaque (windowed) plastic rip-top zip bag
Cost: $15/gram
Store: Old Toby - Chehalis, WA

Most of the God Bud Hybrids I've had end up Indica heavy, I think this strain holds true.  It's got thick bright orange hairs just everywhere and frosty bud clusters.  The center of the nugs fairly exploded with crystals.  The smell is very earthy, very rich like you'd expect from both of the mother strains.  However, for all it's pungency it doesn't spread.  I often crack a nug open and leave the area then come back a few minutes later to see how it smells - this didn't smell until I was 3 feet away.

I smoked this out of a very clean chillum with a brand new daisy glass screen.  Since I came to Washington, I've smoked a lot of weed.  I had to clean all 3 of my primary pieces after just 2 1/2 weeks.  Normally I clean my main bowl once a month.  Since I use a glass screen, much of it is just delicious resin.

I won't lie, before cleaning I scraped the every loving hell out of my bowl and my chillum.  I got two giant goopy globs of resin that I rolled around in a bunch of kief from all the great pot I've been smoking and it was just fantastic little nugs that I smoked while cleaning.  Consequential concentrate, I call it.

That hard work and clean glass lead to some serious flavor.  This God Bud's tasty - very straightforward, grassy, earthy flavors.  There's that broad flavor of good marijuana I love.  It had billowing volume to the smoke, like it expanded on inhalation.  On exhale, there's a nice slightly peppery layer behind it.  I could smoke this every day.  In fact, I think I smoked this almost every day of February and March earlier this year as this strain rolled through my old neighborhood in IL.  PS - Thanks Mr. Nick, you were always a pal, but now I get mine from a store, not your mom's basement.

This strain also got me incredibly high.  One session I was doing some work and had to focus on things, which was difficult.  I had no concentration at all even though I felt good - this isn't a real dopey smoke but it really is not for focusing.  I wish I could have gone on a walk or brushed my dog or maybe washed the car after smoking this.  Sadly, I was stuck at a desk.  Interestingly, this was high CBD but I didn't feel a whole lot of body effect.  Then again, I was stuck at a desk.

After I came down, I was pretty tired.  I felt a little wiped out by the God Bud.  So I took another couple big hits and fell asleep reading.  That was a pretty long, cool day overall.  Definitely the day was made better by Hawaiian God Bud.

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