Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Jet Fuel - Sweet As

Brand: Sweet As
Strain: Jet Fuel
Sativa-dominant Hybrid

Potency Analysis: TTL 24.62%

Harvested: 06/00/2015
Smoked: 07/29/2015

Packaging: 5" x 3.75" clear plastic and mylar zip-top bag
Cost: $20/gram
Store: Old Toby in Chehalis, WA

Just yesterday, in the only comment thread that really exists here (other than some sweet words on the Obama review), I was soft-requested to do a review on Jet Fuel by ALP who has a plant/photography blog.  Today, I had the opportunity to scoop some up and it was just meant to be.

To start this out, Sativa.  This smells very diesel and there's a sharp lemon-oil flavor, a hit of bitterness in the back of it.  When I broke this up, it got even more pungent. The diesel smell got stronger along with it.  You can see how crystally this is.  It's literally encrusted in crystals.

On first puff, I am in love.  The smoke is just a massive blast of sharp lemon riding the back of a massive explosion of sweet diesel.  The exhale had massive tang and kind of choked me up a little bit - more than just the coughing did.  I love this flavor profile and the force and expansion of the smoke is balanced.

The high on this is as the label says - this is Jet Fuel.  Such a Sativa, this is the dream.  I feel greatly focused on the task at hand, and heavily creative.  My mind is sharp except that I find myself on amusing tangents.  The legs on this were decent for such a potent Sativa, but you'll definitely want to smoke a couple bowls of this to keep it going.

The come down on this is very relaxed and calm.  I had it at the end of a very long day and it made all my body feel warm and soft, so I passed right out the minute I hit my bed.

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  1. Wow, that was Jet Fuel fast! I'll be looking for this one at my local shop. Just the other day, I gave The Boyfriend a piece of my mind for turning me onto daytime Sativa strains. "Hon, you realize this doubles my weed intake now..." "Good" he says.

    No Jet Fuel in our area, but I have my "weed list" in hand for my stop at Clear Choice: Green Crack, Chernobyl, Jesus and some Platinum GS Cookies...

    Have a great day - I'll post my Chernobyl impressions later.