Thursday, August 27, 2015

New York City Diesel - Twisted Sisters Gardens **Update**

Brand: Twisted Sisters Gardens
Strain: New York City Diesel
Sativa-dominant Hybrid

Potency Analysis: TTL 26% THC 22.4% CBD 0.17%

Cost: $15/gram and $50/3.5 gram BongBytes
Store: Old Toby - Chehalis, WA

Original photos:

Harvested: 06/00/2015 and 07/00/2015
Smoked: 07/22/2015 and 08/26/2015

Packaging: 2.25" x 1.25" clear plastic jar with gold twist-off lid


This is the first time I've updated a strain review.   It's pretty drastic seeing the first review's photos and this one.  Not bad for a rank amateur, I think.

I'm going to start this right off and say: I wish Twisted Sisters had better lab results and I wish they had better harvest dating on this jar.  For a weed this pretty and tasty, I will overlook it, this go 'round (and the next).

Seriously smells on this jar.  It's sweet, it's slightly tangy, there's cardamom and jasmine, there's a spicy basily scent real low.  Just smells all over the place - so many aromas that seem to just pulsate around these gorgeous buds.

Every angle of these nuggets is gorgeous.  Beautiful, spaced out Sativa nugget structure, and ridiculously tangible hairs.  They have some legit substance to them.  The way the crystals fall off makes me think these flowers have not seen too much time in a shaker tray.  My second encounter with the NYC Diesel was even more crystally.  These little Bongbytes are raining kief!

The flavors were herbal and spicy like the smell, but along with it was the taste of a late summer sunset.   This is some kind of magical.  The smoke is just perfect, present and dense but not cloying or coughy.  It hangs around leaving behind delicious scents for a long time.  I noticed the second batch, Bongbytes, were a bit less smooth.

The high was outstanding.  Happy and serene, very centering.  I was not foggy or clouded out but I was definitely high.  My body felt great and I was thinking well.  I didn't want to do much at all, even though I had to do some things.  The second time I smoked this, I was also thinking very well but not really motivated to do much of anything.  This stuff perpetuates a stereotype!

I later got some serious munchies.  I ate like a half pound of GORP.  And a blueberry granola bar.

The second tasting, I also got serious munchies and ate nearly a full pound of salad with lettuce, tomato, red onion, and red wine vinegar.

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