Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Obama - Space Case Aeroponics

Brand: Space Case Aeroponics
Strain: Obama

Potency Analysis:  THC 22% CBD 0.3%

Harvested: 06/30/2015
Smoked: 07/07/2015

Packaging: 2 1/8"(D) x 1 3/8" clear plastic jar with white twist off lid
Cost: $15/gram
Store: Old Toby - Chehalis, WA

I'm pretty sure what I got in my package isn't Obama.  If it is, this definitely was not a successful grow of this strain.  Don't get me wrong - this was great pot.  The blonde nug was my wife's unicorn - her ideal smoke, every day.

The Obama strain doesn't really have provenance.  About 5 strains came out around the same time being called "Obama".  There are some general characteristics to most of them: they're all similar to Presidental Purple, Purple Trainwreck x Urkle, and a few other potent Purple strains and hybrids.  Some contest that the original Obama is a Blackberry Kush x Granddaddy Purp.  Either way, there's virtually nothing Purple at all about this weed claiming to be Obama.
In fact, there was one absolutely blonde 0.25g nugget.   I mean, this was the lightest, palest nugget I've seen since ... I don't even know.  Years at least.  I actually picked this particular container because of the blonde nug - I wanted to investigate.

It's in a container purporting to contain a gram of some decidedly Purple strain.  The rest of the nuggets were darker, had thick dark orange hairs - the hairs were very thin but prevalent and you can see how crystally the stem area is.

The smell out of this container is unique.  It's spicy, wild-vegetation kind of smell and underneath it is a flat black-pepper smell.

The coloring throughout is a darkish green (except the blonde nug) with pale limey colors close to the stem.  A beautiful, not-even-a-little purplish bud.  

I smoked the blonde nugget first, of course!  Weirdos first, that's my rule.  The flavor was decidedly mellow, and the smoke was thin as well.  Before we finished the first bowl, I was feeling it around my eyes.  I chilled out for a bit, and listened to some Epic Rap Battles of History and took some photos for later blogposts.  

Earlier today I got the opportunity to go stock up with 5 different strains to review - I'm excited about the variety of new farms and strains I got ahold of!

A later edit, I have updated this to be Old Lady Weed, since it is so soft in smoke, mellow in high, and not at all complex in flavor.

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  1. I really enjoyed the Obama, highly recommend if you are looking for a calming effect with a clear mind, not for hyper people!