Friday, August 21, 2015

420 Holiday in Longview, WA - Recreational

Retailer: 420 Holiday
Location: Longview, WA (Caution: Autoplaying video) listing

Visited: 08/17/2015 4:35 PM

Lowest-cost: $8 One-armed Bandit Sativa
Budtender: DJ - chill, friendly, informative

Overall: Return and Recommend!
Highlights:  Friendly service.  Fair selection.  Value in all quantities.

The exterior is very green.  There's no mistaking this location as it's very near the corner of a relatively busy intersection with many shops around.  It's another - albeit brightly painted - business among several others.   There's parking for several vehicles in front of the shop and lots of street parking nearby.  This is very ADA accessible with a nice, long, shallow ramp up front as well as a few stairs for those more able-bodied.

Once you head inside, it's definitely quite a bit less bright and colorful, with muted lighting.  The transition is made very extreme because the store's frontage is west, so there's bright sunshine all afternoon.  The sales space is very straightforward and very small.  There's roughly 20' x 5' of customer space in front of glass-cabinet shelves.  Looking left, right, or center, there are shelves of pot in many varieties all over.  The space is well lit and relatively well organized.  The customer floorspace was uncluttered but it definitely had been some time since someone did a real dedicated sweep and mop.  Overall, unless you're picky about the buildup of dust in the corners of your pot store, it's pretty damn clean and probably way cleaner than any convenience store.

One odd thing is that your back is to the door at all times.  I'm the kind of person who likes to keep an eye on the door, and I definitely don't want a doorknob in my back.  The space is relatively tight, and when the door opened for other customers, it feels like it's going to hit you no matter where you stand in pretty much all of the available customer area.  Right before we left, there were four people in here, it got really crowded.

Looking up at the walls and even on the back of the door, there are posters and informative items like strain indicators and symptom treatment by strains.   Much of it is printed from the internet, and while effective it's not entirely professional looking, but much of what they posted listed sources.  It's somewhat tough to trust information presented in this way.  Meanwhile, this is a recreational marijuana retailer located in a simple building, and it's a relatively new business at that.  They're making a significant effort to educate customers that many other retailers simply aren't.

Front and center is the primary shelf space.  Unlike my first visit, each offering is labelled with some information like strain, processor, and pricing by quantity.  It makes it very easy to know what is available and what it costs.  Overall, the tags are just printed in black and white from an inkjet, and they're not all perfectly hung straight or even cut out well.  But, it does what's needed and helps guide a customer through decision making process for their recreational marijuana.

This main frontage of counterspace contains just about everything.  Lots of pre-rolls, a huge variety of flower in 1 and 2 gram packages, eighths, some quarters, and a couple ounces available.  They had a fairly wide variety of farms, many of whose products I've reviewed including Rogue Raven Farms, Heavenly Buds, Doc Croc, and more.

The pricing for grams of flowers seemed to be a range from $8-18.  While it didn't seem to be strictly applied, it seemed that THC content was definitely a pricing factor.  Some high quality, high THC Orgrow strains were just $15 a gram, but mostly if it was over 20%, it was $16, and if it was over 23% or so, it was $18 a gram.  There were quite a few quantity deals that I saw, including 14 gram quarters of $18 weed for just $160.  Overall, the pricing seemed pretty fair.

This retailer also offers a wide array of concentrates, although none particularly struck my fancy on this visit.  They had everything from e-cig cartridges to snap and pull and even a couple extremely high-quality waxes.  Overall, the pricing range appeared to be $25-35 for half grams and about doubled for full grams, which seems pretty standard.

To the right, these new displays are attractive.  They're open, big, airy, and present the product in a boutique manner.  It highlights the quality of the product, allows separation, and draws the eye.  This is where my first chosen purchase came from.  There's a nice array of items here and it seems like this is where the highest quality product is at.

I'm compelled to mention that there's a whole rack with just bundles of pre-rolls, and another shelf with a big empty space.  It's a great spot for something to be and I hope the bundles of joints taking all this awesome space are just a placeholder for some fantastic, high quality marijuana.  The other edge of that sword, if I came back repeatedly and saw the same empty spaces, I'd wonder why the store isn't displaying something for offer - especially considering the tight quarters in the main display.

Turning to the left, you're greeted with another set of glass shelves.  It's not as airy, but is well lit and stocked fairly well with a variety of products.  This is where the smoking implements are stocked.  There's a moderate variety of bongs, pipes, papers, dabbers, and more paraphernalia.  Since this is a licensed i502 retailer, you won't find any DIY concentrate items, clothing, art, or other non-marijuana or legally accepted processed marijuana consumption devices.  There's a variety of prices on the merchandise from rock-bottom $5 glass chillums to much more expensive hand-blown glass bongs.    One thing that I did not see - and I looked - was vape products.  There were no flower or oil vaporizers that I saw.

This part of the store feels very much less boutique than does the other side.  From what I understand, this is something that very many retailers face in regards paraphernalia.  It has much to do with limitations placed on i502 retailers by the WSLCB.  There are serious limits to what can be stocked, and the marijuana enthusiast community has come to expect what non-marijuana selling headshops have.  You simply cannot have that expectation of a licensed i502 retailer.

In this corner of the store, you can also find the 420 Holiday bargains including the legendary $8 grams of One-Armed Bandit, a bargain priced Sativa.  There are larger quantity bags of decent quality trim for cooking, other low cost grams, and a mostly up-to-date list of higher quality products that are on special.

One of the most important things about a marijuana retailer is the employees.  If the people working behind the counter aren't able to string sentences together, or don't know the product, it can be a frustrating visit for even a knowledgeable recreational marijuana user.  The budtender working here, DJ, was outgoing and friendly.  He was young, but clearly an expert on his product.  He didn't put pressure in any way, answered a slew of questions quickly and seemingly accurately, and was relatively amiable about the whole experience.  Kind of like the whole store in general, the budtender was straightforward and laid back. He provided chill, good service.  I hope he's compensated well.

This visit to 420 Holiday overall was great.  My wife and I both found 2 or 3 things we wanted, and we got treated respectfully while buying our legal marijuana from well-lit, safe retailer, which is awesome.  I will definitely be returning.


  1. Dayum...great eye for detail. Do you plan on crossing the border south and doing reviews in Oregon after October 1? You might want to check out the audio files of the meetings taking place in Portland as we speak - its been really interesting to listen in as their system take shape. I look forward to your reviews comparing the experience in both states. I have family in OR and travel there frequently; I'll be doing my own comparisons soon.

    1. Thanks ALP! Once again, I'm glad you like it. I definitely will be going down to OR to review shops. My wife and I were at the Burnside Bridge event on July 1 and we intend to work hard to help support legalization - that includes getting the word out about those doing Legal Marijuana right!

    2. I was just in Eugene...prices are crazy low now, it will be interesting to see what happens later this year. $8 grams across the board at one place - all strains, all the time. I think I heard it in one of the audio files...there is a bit of a glut of flower, hence the MMJ system in OR is all too willing to absorb recreational to increase sales. Kind of sucks that edibles won't be sold, as they are much stronger than WA edibles. Jeebus, who decided a 'serving' was a measly 5 milligrams?

      We'll have to smoke out one of these days if I get off my lazy butt and make it down your way. Centralia seems like a nice little town. If you ever decide to come as far north as Lakewood/Tacoma - do let me know. You, me and The Wife. The Wife and I can compare "lady smokes"! The Boyfriend is a wild antisocial streak make his participation a 50/50 proposition.

  2. I will never shop this store again. The owner, Andy, was 10min late opening but I was waiting. He started right off helping those that came after me, they seemed to friends. I interrupted long nuff to look at the glass he has, with sizes unknown. I went back to wax counter, where I buy seven grams every time. Two more shoppers came in and guess what, he goes on to help them and still ignored me, too white I guess. That was my last trip into that tiny, dirty store