Monday, August 10, 2015

Adventurous Marijuana - the Greasy Joint aka Snap and Wrap

I've been smoking marijuana since 1993. You can see from the number of posts I've made in this blog - I have quite the enjoyment level of recreational marijuana. Sometimes, I just like to do some weird or intense smoking.

One ridiculous experience was the Greasy Joint, aka Snap and Wrap.

This Snap and Wrap started after one of my first dab hang out sessions, recorded in my blog as Epic Dab Night.  One dab we got was the .. let's say value priced concentrate.  Dab Dudes Humboldt Snap and Pull. Overall, relatively high quality but compared to the caramel deliciousness of White Widow, it was nothing special at all.  It was also only right around 50% and was indeed the lowest cost available at Old Toby.

We finished every little scrap of it.  Every dab was delicious.  At the end of the night, my younger and more wise-in-concentrates smoking companion said "Smoke that whole paper! You'll get high as fuck."  Talking about the slightly waxed, very concentrate-soaked paper the snap and pull came on.

It sounded like a good idea, but I was a bit unsure early on if this would smoke well.  I tested with a small sliver of the paper and it seemed to burn well.  The smoke wasn't gross or noxious, it smoked a soft white, so I was good to go.  I took the paper and folded it so it would fit on a Zig Zag 1.25 and there was about an inch at either end that wouldn't have greasy wrap.  I was ok with that, I'd have to ease into this a bit.

When I was done, it had several kinds of flower in it, and it was deliciously fragrant.  The joint had heft - that paper had some weight. This sucker was going to be good.

The beginning of the joint was great.  It didn't run, and it burned well.  As soon as I got to the Humboldt layer it slowed way down.  This started smoking more like a cannagar - very slow and heavy-duty smoke.  I wasn't inhaling too deep at first, afraid of the somewhat-waxed paper but I had no actual issues with that.  The paper added no acridity, there was waxy flavor from it.  All of that came from that Humboldt and it wasn't so bad either.  I'm a cougher and I barely coughed on this whole thing.

The moment this paper starts going, the concentrate liquifies and soaks into the buds nearby.  This slows the burn considerably as these oily nugs will now only simmer slowly in the heat of their own ember.  When I took big choo-choo puffs it would fire up and smoke heavy and I'd get a giant hit, then I could let it sit for 10 seconds and it would cool down, 30 seconds later it was barely lit.  Three minutes later, another couple puffs and it could smoke up again, and keep going.  It was outstanding.

All in all, this smoked for about 30 minutes as I described.  It was delicious and I was incredibly stoned before I got halfway done.  Like a champion, I finished the whole thing (except the last 0.5" or so).

My brain felt liquified and waxy, like it was slowed down and encrusted with the scum of value-priced concentrates, and made me very slow and sluggish for quite the long time.  It was at 25 minutes before I moved a bit, and another 30 before I discovered that scum encrusted the inside of my mouth as well as my brain.

Overall, I got significantly high - like an [8] - and it was awesome!  I highly recommend this idiocy to other idiots who are into this - even if the guy who told me to smoke it was joking and didn't really think I would do so, he said later.

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