Thursday, August 6, 2015

Adventurous Marijuana - The One Gram Five-Flower Joint

I've been smoking marijuana since 1993.  You can see from the number of posts I've made - all my own personal reviews, with Mrs. Ent's input, of marijuana I have smoked on those actual days I documented - that I have quite the enjoyment level of recreational marijuana.  Sometimes, I just like to do some weird or intense smoking.

One great session was a full gram, 5-flower and 0.25 gram kief joint.

Once I rolled this, I texted a smoking buddy and waited 15 minutes.  At about 16 minutes, I had the lighter out and was barely warming the tip.  After a bit, I decided to count 3 before I lit it and at 2, my phone dinged.  "here".  Awesome!

So we fired up this beautiful joint made with Canna Tsunami, Dutch Treat, Girl Scout Cookies Platinum, Grand Daddy Purple, and some Super Silver Haze.  The kief was collected from a wide array of strains.

Here's a display of all those beautiful strains in the order stated, some of which I have, and some of which I have not yet reviewed.


These are all delicious strains from some of the top growers.  Tops of the Trees over here, the highest quality legal, recreational pot available in Washington.  The GDP is from dama, the Super Silver Haze is Orgrow, and the rest are OMG Sykes.  The colors mixed great, with two kinds of bright green, two dark purples, so many shades of orange hairs, the crystals all over these buds, they mixed together just fine.

The joint had a very solid construction and was just about 0.75" in diameter.  I do say so myself, this was one well done joint.  I did it freehand, with no filter.

It smoked perfectly smoothly with no runs, even with all that kief.  Each puff was a different combination of flavors and notes, various scents got released, the resins of the kief were remarkable, and the smoke was deliciously smooth throughout.  We smoked this for over 10 minutes of passing it back and forth between two enthusiasts.  A couple times it did need to get heavy puffed to ignite fully - when they're this big they'll snuff themselves if you're bogarting.

Overall the high was delicious and fantastic.  It was a really complex combination of highs.  Each of these was pretty potent on their own.  Together they were euphoric.  The conversation went on for a seriously long time, and this beautiful joint kept us high throughout!  Talk about legs.

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