Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Berry Sour Creme (Pre-rolled) - PhatPanda

Brand: PhatPanda
Strain: Berry Sour Creme
True Hybrid

Potency Analysis: TTL 20.4% THC 0.4% CBD 0.8% THCA 19.2%

Cost: $15/1 gram conical joint
Store: Freedom Market in Kelso, W

Harvested: 12/03/2014
Smoked: 08/23/2015

Packaging: 4.5" x 0.75" stickered green plastic tube

This pre-roll ended up being way more than expected.  My wife and I smoked this hanging out together in our backyard staring up at the night sky on our lounge chairs.  It was romantic and awesome.  This is the most potent aphrodisiac smoke I have ever encountered in my life.  Thank you, PhatPanda.

The smell on the joint is great.  This is luscious and dank, with huge dark berry scents.  There's definitely an under-lying dairy like scent which kind of surprised me.  I heard that strains derived from Sour Cream smell like their namesake, but I didn't really believe it.  It's strange, but adds a unique dimension.

Flavor here is outstanding.  It's luscious, dank, pungent marijuana and that massive berry flavor I smelled carried over into the taste and so, to even more of my surprise, did the sour cream/dairy flavor.  It was heavy in the lower palate, especially when holding the smoke in.  This was fantastic and weird.  On the exhale, the berry notes faded into general sweetness and luscious marijuana flavor.

While smoking, I only had to struggle a little bit with keeping it burning right.  PhatPanda pre-rolls seem to be such a fine powder that they almost can't ignite evenly.  More on this in another review.  My wife and I passed this back and forth until she was done smoking, then I finished the remaining half alone.  We both got high as shit.

That's when we scooted our loungers closer, then moved inside.  The sativa effects were amorous and heady, very lush with a dreamy sensation of touch.  The body effects were stupendous and sensitive - the indica here turned everything into pleasure.  This amorous and sexy high lasted for a couple hours.  Yeah.  Like I said, the very best aphrodisiac effect I've ever had from marijuana.

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