Sunday, August 16, 2015

Ewok - Rogue Raven Farms

Brand: Rogue Raven Farms
Strain: Ewok
Indica-dominat Hybrid

Potency Analysis: TTL 22.44% THC 22.36% CBD 0.08%

Cost: $18/gram
Store: 420 Holiday in Longview, WA

Harvested: 07/00/2015
Smoked: 08/15/2015

Packaging: 5.25" x 3.5" printed plastic and mylar windowed zip-top bag

I sampled a tiny little nugget of Ewok that a friend had - a small hit is all - and knew I needed to get more.  This fuzzy little crystal covered oddly-colored nugget was awesome.

The smell on this pot is the damn definition of dank.  It's pungent, deep, flowery, and slightly sour undertones.  The smell of this filled the whole house and when I reopened the empty bag to catch another smell even that filled up the whole office area with dankstank.

The bud itself felt slightly fuzzy.  The strain is pretty heavily Indica but the flower structure is relatively loose until the very center where there's dense nuggets of crystally goodness.

Smoke on this is super pungent.  This is that diggity dank.  Flavorful, complex, pungent.  There are rich peachy fruit flavors underneath a sour overtone.  The pungency is like when you turn over undergrowth in the woods, just musky and rich and warm.

Likewise, the high is musky and rich.  I got slowed down and relaxed.  Just remembering the high, my muscles are loosening up and my back is de-stressing.  This is serious body pain and anxiety medicine.  There was a decent little uplifting happiness in the head, which harkens back to the 40% or so of this strain that is Sativa parentage.  Overall, a great marijuana.  This would be great every-day smoke for an Indica fan.

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  1. "This would be great every-day smoke for an Indica fan."

    Noted! A shout out?