Monday, August 10, 2015

Oakland Kryptonite Wax - Sweet As

Brand: Sweet As
Strain: Oakland Kryptonite
Concentrate: CO2 Wax

Potency Analysis: TTL 82.46% THC 81.26% CBD .20%

Cost: $30/0.5 gram
Store: Old Toby in Chehalis, WA

Harvested: 05/18/2015
Smoked: 08/07/2015

Packaging: 0.5" tall x 1.25" diameter clear plastic twist-apart tub inside 5" x 3.75" clear plastic and mylar zip-top bag

Concentrates are fucking intense man.  

I am finding that my THC receptors really want to get hit by this concentrated blast at night.  It's a good time, and just delicious.  The high is definitely more intense from concentrates, the flavors more compressed.

The texture on this is great, it's a really solid, but malleable, form.  It's concentration makes it 'Wax' but I'm not sure it's texture does.  With just about any concentrate, you need to be careful or suddenly your whole world is sticky.

The flavor when smoked is very alfalfa.  Just incredibly alfalfa, with the least little hint of citrus zing on the back end.  Often, dabs taste like lemon or other citrus-deliciousness - and it's usually a strong flavor.  This tastes very lightly of the lightest citrus - I'm thinking it's less lemon and more buddha's hand, which has this sort of light ethereal flavor.  If I hadn't recently tried buddha's hand, I'd have nothing quite which to place it.

This is a ridiculously fast and potent head high.  With a hot nail, the high is super intense and almost sent me spinning.  I know many people like to dab standing up, but I for one am glad I had the chair I was parked in.  Overall, the legs on this aren't super long, but it's incredibly potent for the short duration.

It makes it a great companion for many types of smoking - put it on a bowl of weed, you can do a low-heat dab for flavor and a slow stone, or like we did later in the night, roll up about a half-gram of this into the center of a 2 gram joint and see where the night brings you.   Since it's sticky it's easy to roll around in a bit of kief and double the concentrate action

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