Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Phat Albert Wax - Silica Phoenix

Brand: Silica Phoenix
Strain: Phat Albert
Concentrate: BHO Extraction Wax

Potency Analysis: TTL 94% THC: 89.4 CBD 2.1%

Cost: $30/0.5g
Store: Old Toby in Chehalis, WA

Produced: 06/00/2015
Smoked: 08/04/2015

Packaging: 1" x 1" round glass jar with tight rubbery plastic lid

This was the third and final round of concentrates in an epic night of smoking and dabbing that I described in my last two posts, reviews of White Widow Snap and Pull and Ghost Train Ecto.  Instead of rehashing it, I'm going to just post the picture of the concentrate scene.

During Epic Dab Night, the primary smoking device was Hellboy, a great little rig with a Quartz Castle nail.

Hey Hey Hey!  94%!  You're shitting me.  This is almost entirely pure THC and it tastes like it.  The flavor is the most pot-flavored anything I've ever encountered.  I smoked this at a few different temperatures on 3 different rigs on two different days -  my peace pipe style pipe I posted about previously, Hellboy, and now my new little slightly mis-matched, hell-of-a-deal rig, the Giraffe.

The flavor on this is exquisite, it's condensed and rich marijuana.  There's a deep amber-sweet flavor and the grassy marijuana flavor rides through this moderately citrus concentrate.

Smoking this, you want to get a giant hit as you taste it and the flavors fill you up.  Then the bite and burn of the throat hits you.  It's what you should expect from such a potent marijuana extract.  The flavor comes back on the inhale, with a present but slight lemon-oil flavor, not nearly as strong as others.

The high on this is beyond instantaneous.  It happens before you smoke it, once you exhale it.  There's a serious mind-bend and at the end you're left with a slightly different interpolation among the many dimensions of our universe.

This is hands down the most intense marijuana experience I ever had.  The high had relatively short legs for a concentrate, being intense for about 10 minutes or so and then fading pretty quickly into a dull relaxation.

I really loved this as the final crazy treat when we rolled Ghost Train Ecto in this and dabbed them in 0.25g chunks.  It's ridiculous, outrageous, and changed my whole perspective on everything.

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