Friday, August 21, 2015

Purple Arrow - Rogue Raven Farms

Brand: Rogue Raven Farms
Strain: Purple Arrow
Indica-dominant Hybrid

Potency Analysis: TTL 22.54% THC 22.5% CBD 0.04%

Cost: $18/gram
Store: 420 Holiday in Longview, WA


Harvested: 06/00/2015
Smoked: 08/16/2015

Packaging: 5.25" x 3.5" printed plastic and mylar windowed zip-top bag

Purple Arrow is a heavily recommended "medicinal" strain.  It's known for serious pain management and sedation. What's interesting about that is this strain of it seems to have very little or no CBD.  I'm making an assumption that there's quite a bit of CBDa that is not listed on the packaging.

The smell on this lovely, super-green marijuana is entrancing.  It's pungent but morphs into syrupy sweetness, and there's faint citrus hiding in there.

Smoking this is very flavorful.  There's big bold purple flavors of berries and sweetness, and there's a somewhat sharp sour note on the exhale.  Overall this was seriously flavorful.

Clearly this is medicine.  Purple Arrow relieves pain, reduces inflammation, and really gets you stoned without being lazy or sleepy.  This seems to be really well balanced in the high.  I could absolutely smoke this for serious pain relief, and yet be OK to go about tasks without being lethargic.  However, after the high there is a serious drop in productivity and a weed-nap was absolutely needed.

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