Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Blue Dream Verso Vape Cartridge - Fair Winds |&| Comet - Vuber

Brand: Fair Winds
Strain: Blue Dream
Concentrate: Closed-loop Extract with vegetable-based humectant (VG)

Potency Analysis: TTL: 36.33% THC 0.95% CBD 0% THCA 35.38%

Cost: $55
Store: Old Toby in Chehalis, WA

Produced: 05/00/2015
Vaped: 08/10/2015

Packaging: 5.5" x 4" mylar-backed, opaque plastic rip-top zip-top bag

Brand: Vuber
Device: Comet auto-fire battery

Packaging: 4.4" x 1.25" white slide-out tray inside of 4.5" x 1.375" square white cardboard box 
Cost: $25
Store: Old Toby in Chehalis, WA

I'm an e-cig vaper - I used to be high powered subohm driplife vaping 15ml a day - now I'm using clearos and only 3mg, and vaping 3ml a day or so these days.

I enjoy the idea of vaping marijuana.  I've got a mix of both moderately and incredibly powerful vape mods. I have an MFLB and I'm considering some new attachments for it.  In the meantime, I got a killer deal on these two items together and am enjoying it for a review.

The last time I reviewed a vape, it was one of the cleanest extraction methods, ACO, and I vaped it far too quickly.  I resolved to take it easy and be aware of when I was vaping.  

So I unpacked this and it's a pretty standard plastic and cheap chinese metal cartridge.  The 510 connector appears decently machined and held up to several connections with no marring or grinding.  The Vuber Comet is likewise decent plastic and metal.  The end is a touch stylus.  There's no button on the Comet, it just fires when you inhale, which is cool to make it feel like a joint when you smoke it.  It also looks discreet like an e-cig, which are ubiquitous in public.

The vape builds pretty quickly and you only need 3-5 second long tokes to really enjoy this.  You can hold it in your mouth then lung draw, or a straight lung inhale, or just blow out after holding a while in your mouth.  The vapor is tasty, it has a slightly sweet but not very blueberry or blue dream flavor. It did have lots of complexity and the oil tasted relatively clean.

Every time I got rambunctious and had a 10 second toke, I coughed a bunch off this.  After when I vaped my e-cig, I cough more.

I was primarily vaping a few tokes on this after smoking a before-bed bowl.  I know it's a Sativa, but it's still oil and a couple pulls off this was a great enhancement to whatever else I was smoking.  Because it's Sativa I also took a couple rips while having my morning rituals.  Vaping it this way this lasted me 4 days.  I suspect a more reasonable smoker might have this last a week or ten days easy.

It was really a great experience to just pull on my cartridge and have the vape pull without a button.  I haven't used an auto-fire vape in several years - it's way better for marijuana than for e-cigs in my opinion.  The Comet doesn't seem like it has much power - I estimate ~250mAh based on the number of tokes between charges - and it has a slim, slim silhouette.  Seriously, it's just 0.375" - that's 3/8" - thick and about 3.8" inches long.  It lasted through two days of vaping between charges, and only took less than an hour to charge to full.  

I'm impressed by both these little items, and look forward to refilling this carto with multiple other types of oil soon.  The Vuber Comet will be my go-to rechargable e-joint as well.


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