Tuesday, August 4, 2015

White Widow Snap and Pull - Dab Dudes

Brand: Dab Dudes
Strain: White Widow
Concentrate: CO2-extraction Snap and Pull
Balanced Hybrid

Potency Analysis: TTL 60.62% THC 2.36% CBD 0%

Cost: $50/gram
Store: Old Toby in Chehalis, WA

Produced: 06/08/2015
Smoked: 08/03/2015

Packaging: 1.5" x 0.75" round twist-apart tub inside of a 4.5" x 3.75" plastic and mylar-backed black plastic cut-top zip-top bag

Concentrates.  Oh boy.  

I recently posted pics of Hellboy on my Bubble Bomb ACO Vape review.  We got down some more and did some work while getting high, and Hellboy was part of this scene too.  You know what work looks like when you're a marijuana reviewer?  It looks like this:

To ensure complete documentation of this epic night, I'm going to list everything here in no particular order.  Permafrost by Going Green in a Magic Flight Launch Box vape.  Dr. Who pre-roll by OMG Sykes.  Grand Daddy Purp by Dama in glass bowl.  Girl Scout Cookies Platinum by OMG Sykes.  Canna Tsunami by OMG Sykes.  Phat Albert 94% Wax by Silica Phoenix.  Ghost Train Ecto 73% by Dab Dudes.  Sour Tsunami CBD 18.5% pre-roll by Going Green.  Indica-dominant verso vape cartridge by Fair Winds on an iTazte MVP3.  Dutch Treat by OMG Sykes.  Humboldt Snap and Pull 50% by Dab Dudes.  And this review's White Widow 60% Snap and Pull by Dab Dudes.  We did not quite get through all of these.

There was a focus on concentrates, but plenty of flower to go around.  So this White Widow was part of this very long smoking session (right under the bowlpiece in the above picture).  About 5 hours of reviewing, noting, recording, and most of all getting fucking stoned.

We tried this first out of my brand new "peace pipe" style glass dabber.  Instead of heating a nail inside the pipe, you put your concentrate in the bowl and then heat the quartz nail directly (the clear rod in the center of above picture).  So when the bulbous point is red-hot you smash it into the bowl of the dabber.  It's not nearly as efficient as a decent metal nail that is heated directly, but for solo running or basic smoking, it's alright.  The pipe itself is wasteful if you try big monster dabs like I take - everything turns to soup when there's too much, and then it blups down into the holes pretty well.  This is expected off any dabber, for sure.  So long as you keep it reasonable and don't try to smoke quarter gram dabs you'll be ok.

The smell on this is very clean, very green.  It's sticky to the touch, but didn't leave much residue behind on the fingers if you rolled it up a bit and kept it moving.  

The Widow is very clean and tasty.  It's incredibly lemon-zesty.  Between three people, we agreed - this is remarkably clean for a CO2 extraction - there's virtually no chemical taste.  Nevertheless this is a CO2 extraction and - compared to flower - was very tough on the throat, tight and harsh as it passed through.  

The after taste was outstanding and had lots of characters of the flower - very sweet and floral deep in the back behind the lemon-oil goodness of the dab.  After the coughing ended, there was a distinct tough spot left in the throat - not quite burning but not perfectly smooth.  It ended after just a few sips of water.

The high on this was super-talkative.  We got social right away after smoking this - I felt uplifted. This was an excellent start of the serious volume of recreational marijuana consumption that followed.  It was overall an intense high that sent you on a dabby swirl through the universe, and that swirl kept going for quite a while - the legs were decent on the most intense parts of the high, and the ride down was delicious.

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