Sunday, September 13, 2015

Amnesia - Pinnacle Northwest

Brand: Pinnacle Northwest (PNW)
Strain: Amnesia
Sativa-dominant Hybrid

Potency Analysis: TTL 21.8% THC 21.64% CBD 0.16%

Cost: $10/gram
Store: Bud Commander in Tumwater, WA

Harvested: 06/00/2015
Smoked: 09/10/2015

Packaging: 4.75" x 3.25" printed plastic mylar-backed zip-top bag

I have only had one experience with PNW Marijuana and it was not good.  The awesome budtender who helped me pick out Amnesia convinced me I should give them another try and I'm so glad I chose to.  Amnesia is one of those phenotype (set of general qualities - appearance, effect, etc) names that lots of growers and farms utilize for different genotype (actual genetic strain) combinations.  So you could pick up 3 different brands of "Amnesia" and it's not only possible but highly likely that they're different strains bred to have those particular characteristics referred to as "Amnesia".  There is generally no agreed-upon genetic lineage that is called "Amnesia" - because everyone has their own.

This is a single gram bud and it's huge and fluffy!  The flower is so spaced out and leafy sativa.  It's absolutely gorgeous bright green with so many orange hairs it's ridiculous.  They've grown into crazy, complex knots.

The smell off this marijuana is entrancing.  It's luscious and pungent, and smells so heady and delicious it's very nearly sexual.  This is potent!

The flower breaks up into springy, loose bits and it packs up very nicely.  If it wasn't so strong, this would be great joint weed.  However, just a few hits got me very high.

The inhale is delicious, the smoke is tangible and juicy - incredibly smooth.  There are heavy sweet tree fruit and berry notes, the center of the flavor is just great marijuana - very vegetative.  Exhaling, the sweet, fresh fruit flavor is clear then it swiftly fades into a soft memory of flavor.

The high on this is amazing.  Amazing.  It's seriously potent uplift, with considerable high-function clarity.  I was on an entirely new plane of existence.  Everything gets done with Amnesia.  The name's pretty good because you don't even know what you did, you did it great though.  Mrs. the Ent suddenly found herself having rearranged all the heavy dining and living room furniture three different times before she was satisfied.  All she started out to do was vacuum under the dining table chairs.

The comedown off this seems pretty abrupt.  Suddenly, you stop and think about all those things that just got done, and then take a second to consider how high you were at that time, and now you're just not high anymore.  There was a general sluggishness and need for food and a nap, but I attribute that more to all the things that I accomplished each time I smoked this, and the frenetic pace at which I accomplished them.

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