Friday, September 11, 2015

Blue Enzo - Northwest Pearl

Brand: Northwest Pearl
Strain: Blue Enzo
Sativa-dominant Hybrid

Potency Analysis: TTL 23.9% THC 23.5% CBD 0.4%

Cost: $15/gram
Store: Old Toby in Chehalis, WA

Blue Enzo - Northwest Pearl

This is a gorgeous flower that is really well trimmed, and handled carefully with love.  This is my first encounter with Northwest Pearl and it's a great start.

The flower is gorgeous.  Fluffy and springy, a huge amount of texture and a nice bud structure.  There are orange hairs gleaming all over the place on this very blue marijuana.

The smell is amazing - this is so fragrant, pungent, and musky.  There are bright 'blue' notes singing throughout - like fresh berries and morning sunshine.  Breaking this down, you get one of those enveloping experiences, with marijuana smell filling your existence and eyes welling up with pungency.  The crystals aren't incredibly thick and this did not produce very much kief at all.

For all the springy freshness of this pot, it burned very quickly - like a significantly less dry flower would burn.  The flavors on the inhale are incredibly fresh, blueberry is forefront, and a nice clean undertaste throughout until the exhale.  Especially nasally, there's a serious pungent vegetative flavor and the blue flavors are significantly in the background.  This is just delicious marijuana.

The high was mostly sativa.  There were considerable emotional effects with this.  I was very happy, my mood was sharply uplifted.  All my everything was super positive.  The body was decent and there was a particular indica fog to the high that left me feeling lazy and a tiny bit dumb.

The legs were very short and I ended up smoking this whole gram way faster than I have any sativa that I've purchased the entire time I've been in Washington - even faster than Red-headed Stranger.  Influencing that, of course, is the amazing flavor on this marijuana.  It's really delicious and tasty.  And sleepy at the end.


  1. thanks for the great review! im proud of the stuff we grow. :)

    1. You should be proud of your product! This was my first time with your brand and I'm glad to have enjoyed it! I mean, look at that beautiful nug up top!

      I'd love to get to know your product better. How about a tour and review of the facilities sometime?