Friday, September 25, 2015

Bluniverse 3 - JV Ranch

Brand: JV Ranch
Strain: Bluniverse 3
Balanced Hybrid

Potency Analysis: TTL 24.17% THC 0.20% THCA 27.33% CBD 0.03%

Cost: $15/gram + 15% off!
Store: the Freedom Market in Longview, WA

Harvested: 09/02/2015
Smoked: 09/23/2015

Packaging: 5" x 3.75" clear plastic mylar-backed rip-top zip-top bag

I was at the Freedom Market in Longview buying marijuana, and when I came in there was a table and a display with JV Ranch on the sign!  I was glad to see them and even more so when I found out their product was 15% off that day!

They had excellent view jars with magnifiers on them from all their best strains and some beautiful pics of one of their premium strains.  The marijuana in the view jars was outstanding quality - and no different than what comes out of the packages I've gotten from retailers.

I love their product and they seem like awesome people!  Marionberry is a solid smoke that quickly got an update (fastest ever). I think I might have also arranged a distant visit, tour, and review of the facility in the future.  It's a 3 hour drive, so that's one that needs planned out.

I picked up this gorgeous Bluniverse 3.  I love Blue.  The smell on these crystal-coated buds is seriously Blue.  It's so fresh and fragrant and immersive.  I loved it.

Breaking the marijuana up, crystal spread and fluffed up all over the place.  It was magical and flaky and sparkling in the bright light on my desk.  Just outstanding.  The smell spread drastically, like a blast of fresh blueberry smell exploding outward.

On the inhale this pot is so fresh and crisp, it's smooth.  The smell hits in the corners and back of the mouth, it made my mouth water.  The exhale had just the least little citrusy zing under vegetation and blue.  What a luscious and juicy smoke this is!

The high was very heady and soaring.  It went very high very quick.  There was quite a bit of elation and an almost giddiness to the high.  The high was nice and balanced with some moderate amount of body effect, calmness, and loosening of tension.

I really enjoyed the durability of this high.  The legs on this Bluniverse were remarkable, lasting long and staying intense throughout.  From start to finish an excellent marijuana experience.

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