Sunday, September 13, 2015

Green Crack (Pre-rolled) - Space Case

Brand: Space Case
Strain: Green Crack

Potency Analysis: TTL 26% THC 23% CBD 3%

Cost: $10/1 gram filtered conical joint
Store: 420 Carpenter in Lacey, WA

Harvested: ??
Smoked: 09/10/2015

Packaging: 4.75" x 0.75" green plastic tube

The picture right above has a tiny spear of print barely legible on the label.  I did not discover this until right as I started writing this review.  It reads: Mixed with Granddaddy Purple, Skunk 1 and Supersilver.  Green Crack is known to be a straight up Sativa.  I understand you're trying to utilize all the marijuana you have, Space Case.  Putting two generally heavy indica strains and another heavy sativa with a sativa does not a sativa joint make.  This print should have been way bigger, and I think the budtender who sold it to me should have known about it and told me.

The smell on this joint was sharp and crystally.  It really carried an aura of sharp kiefy goodness.  It was pretty well rolled and didn't need much tampering with.

The first inhalation was sweet and complex - as one might expect from the odd combination of pot, but I did not know it was a mix at the time.  There were tons of layers to this, with thick expansive clouds of smoke.  A nasal exhale was sharp and throughout everything the tang of kief sang brightly.

The high was very much uplifting emotionally but at the same time dumb and stoney in the head.  It was an odd rollercoaster of wanting to do something but not knowing what to do or caring what to do, then spacing out.  I felt a modicum of sativa anxiety - like biting just a bit too far into the bitter rind of a really sweet watermelon.

Coming down was instantaneous at the end of this, and I was very sober and clear afterward.  Just no longer high.  Legs were alright.

This was a decent marijuana experience, even if I somewhat feel like this was labelled in a somewhat duplicitous way.

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