Saturday, September 5, 2015

Green Lady in Olympia, WA - Recreational

Retailer: Green Lady Marijuana
Location: Olympia, WA
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Visited: 08/31/2015 1:55 PM

Lowest-cost: $10 options - several flowers, edibles

Budtenders: Ryan - super-chill, caring, smiling eyes, MMJ
Judi - happy, upbeat, energetic

Overall: Return and Recommend!
Highlights: Boutique atmosphere.  Personal attention.  Exceptional service.  Variety and Value.

Green Lady Marijuana is in a big, dark grey standalone building with two storefronts - one of which is the retailer.  My understanding is, they're currently doing a complete remodel and the entire building will be utilized.  Outside there is enormous space, and the parking lot could accommodate quite a few customers at once.  The lot is very rough, I'm sure they'll do something about that.  There is a great green concrete entryway that is smooth and that assuredly helps mitigate some potential ADA access issues.

As you enter, there's a small vestibule with a desk to your left and a door to the right.  Joe welcomed me here with a big smile, and asked to see my ID.  I'm glad they're taking serious precautions to make sure minors cannot enter the premises.

Once you've shown your valid ID, you're directed through the door, to a decently appointed lounge area.  This is artistic, somewhat upscale, and all business.  There's an ATM, and enough places to wait your turn with the budtenders.  On the wall behind the ATM was a massive "Green Lady" logo (see the poster to the left of the door in the above picture) with live plants used to supplement her hair.  Try as I might, I just could not get a good shot of it.  There are some other unique art objects here.

Some stores offer a lounge to wait your turn in. Green Lady enforces waiting in this area so that each customer has the undivided attention of their budtender, and also ensures customer privacy is respected.  This whole experience has a high-end, boutique, custom feel.  While waiting your turn to get at the marijuana, you can sometimes catch a glimpse through the door.  When a customer was done shopping, Joe at the front door held the door and let me through.

Coming inside to the marijuana store proper is great.  It's clean, with nice (local looking) wood cabinetry and shelving, lots of clean glass displays and shelves full of product.  Left, right, and center were three very nearly identical display counters with a budtender behind each.  The product is laid out in a very organized, appealing presentation.  This feels like a consultation more than a retail transaction - again the word boutique comes instantly to mind.

As I walked in, I was greeted warmly by my smiling budtender, Ryan, from behind the front-and-center glass counter of delicious WAPot products!  In the glass cabinet, they keep a couple of everything for presentation.  All the product is kept in these nice dark baskets that are on the shelving behind.  This all lends to the consultation atmosphere.  The display may not look like it has too much in it, but there's only one, or sometimes two, of each variety in there.  It adds up.

Green Lady had a decent selection of marijuana, even though their shelves and displays didn't feel heavily stocked.  I noticed several awesome brands I love like Green Brothers and Doc Croc. They had a few brands I had not yet encountered as well.  Overall, there were a fair amount of options of flower.  Prices were relatively less than competitors - I don't think I saw a single marijuana that was higher than $15/gram.  There were a couple of $10/gram value options as well - I picked up a great Bubba Kush by SPP.

They had a pretty standard mix of a variety of great edibles, like Spot brand 1:1 CBD:THC 10mg chocolate bars and 25mg packages of Brownie Bites, Silica Phoenix chocolates, Pebbles candies from Magic Kitchen, and of course a variety of Fairwinds Tinctures, and 4:20 bars.  All of these options are amazing ways to consume marijuana, and pricing was great on these - very competitive.

Concentrates are always popular, and Green Lady had a relatively very large selection of these.  There were brands I'd never heard of along with several I had seen before.  Pricing and quality seemed very similar to the other marijuana retailers I've visited.

One of the best looking concentrates was this gorgeous Green Rush, front and center in the display.  It was very clear, super-high quality.  You can tell how very high quality this is when you interact with the package.  Not only is all of this concentrate a solid slab, but when you move it side to side, the concentrate slides around in it's little clear plastic tub.  There's no sticking to the plastic, and there's not even a waxed paper for it to rest on.  These look like some impressive, legit dabs, in the neighborhood of 80% THC.

I was guided through my shopping by bearded budtender Ryan, who had a great smile and a really easy-going, eager-to-please customer service style.  He kept up with my various questions and answered all the questions I had about product and the store.  I gave him just small bits of info about the type of marijuana experience I was after, and he lead me through all the options that matched those.  Every recommendation he had was spot on for what I told him.

While he consulted with me, Ryan shared his medical marijuana background.  He took a really caring nature with every question I had for him, and his tone of voice was incredibly soothing, mellow, and calming.  I felt he was patient enough to tell me about literally every product they had in the store if I asked him.  This is the kind of careful, dedicated respect for the customer that I look for when coming to a marijuana retailer.  I felt like a loved friend, not a transaction.

I also had the opportunity to talk a bit with Judi, the incredibly peppy, upbeat manager/budtender.  She had a ton of energy and really seemed to love what she was doing.  We spoke a bit about our favorite marijuanas and about the consultative nature of the interactions.  You can tell she is super energetic and of course she prefers sativa! Here she at the left-most budtender station, which was very nearly the same as the others.

Overall, I really liked Green Lady's boutique, personalized, private service.  When choosing where to buy my marijuana, my money more often goes to the place that treats me like an important customer.  This is a very personalized interaction.  It's staffed by exceptional people who know their product, respect the time it takes to decide on a marijuana experience, and know how to provide exceptional service.  Quality and pricing were competitive, variety was deep.

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