Friday, September 18, 2015

Sour Tsunami (Pre-rolled) - Going Green

Brand: Going Green
Strain: Sour Tsunami
High-CBD Indica-dominant Strain

Potency Analysis: TTL 19.39% THC 0% CBD 18.5% THCA 0.89%

Cost: $15/1 gram filtered conical joint
Store: Old Toby in Chehalis, WA

Harvested: 03/14/2015
Smoked: 08/19/2015

Packaging: 4.5" x 0.75" black plastic squeeze-top tube

It was a while ago that I smoked this.  My Smoked date above is not a typo.  I smoked this during the recording of what should have been Party Podcast #2 but did not make it to air because of audio quality problems.  That's what happens when you're new.  I did listen to my reactions and description, and wanted to share this.

First, it was hilarious when my friend and co-host of the Aging Ent Radio Party Podcast or whatever it's going to end up being called, well Skyler pulled this tube out and I thought it was a fresh joint. He did previously explain that he smoked some of it, but I failed to remember.  I did what I always do with a fresh pre-roll, I pop the top and stick my nose right up almost touching and take a deep whiff.  "Man that's an interesting..." deeper whiff "Ugh what the hell?!" I about snorted this part-smoked cashed out joint.  It was horrific and burned, but hilarious.  The smell was muddied by the fact that it had burned already.

The flavor on this was light and fruity with a much heavier dank aftertaste.  It expanded well in the lungs and the smoke just hung in the air after exhaling, like a curtain.

I've never experienced a high quite like this before.  We had all three just taken a high-THC sativa dab a piece, and then smoked this.  Five minutes after smoking it, we were all leaning forward into the table and talking over each other.  We got raucous but we did with our foreheads resting on our forearms.  No one moved a muscle except those involved in talking for a good 45 minutes.

We troopered past the statuesque stone because everyone needed to go lively up.  We ended up standing in place for another 45 minutes just outside of our chill spot.  We talked more, and the cigarette smokers smoked cigarettes, and the vaper vaped vapes.  But no one took a step or moved.

This CBD was like paralysis and there was absolutely not physical feeling at all for the duration. This is the best pain medicine I have ever smoked, hands down.

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