Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Sparket R&R in Port Angeles, WA - Recreational

Retailer: Sparket R&R
Location: Port Angeles, WA
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Visited: 09/12/2015 11:05 AM

Lowest-cost: $10 options - multiple flowers, pre-rolls, edibles

Budtender: Ashley - upbeat, happy, sure recommendations, interested
Nick - owner, caring, passionate, British

Overall: Return and Recommend!
Highlights: Artistic.  Premium joints.  Exquisite care.  Variety and Value.

Approaching Sparket R&R, you can see a massive billboard almost right above the place advertising it's location. I was impressed and surprised by that.  It's not on their property and adheres to other important rules, so it's legal under i502.  Good on Sparket.  This also has a pretty massive and artistic-weird looking medical marijuana facility of the similar name attached.

Parking was very ample, with slightly tight entry-way from the side-street, but lots of space overall. It looks like a well maintained lot and sidewalk, and ADA access appears relatively great.

As soon as you walk in, you're in the entire shopping area.  It's a very small store, no more than 20 feet wide and maybe 5 feet or so deep of customer space.  For all that, there's a massive variety and amount of marijuana available here.

I was instantly struck by the artistic look.  The crimped metal siding used as paneling is just beautiful and high-concept.  It really highlights the glass shelves in front, which had a boutique style arrangement of marijuana and concentrates.  Everything here was premium quality, for sure.

Looking to the left you can see how just striking the design is.

This amazing artistic cabinet blew my mind.  It's rich wood was mesmerizing and the location couldn't possibly be more attention-grabbing in this space.  Seriously, this wood's finish and the light all around it seemed to just blur reality.  This picture does not do it justice, but I did have a massive sativa high on at the time.


In the small space, there is a huge amount of marijuana.  They had a very full menu board full of all their specials and budtender recommendations.

While there were several value options - including a variety of $10 grams - the real star here at Sparket is the premium marijuana.

They have SubX which has some outstanding sniff-jar action and some interesting looking strains. They provided Sparket with a nice banner you can see in the above pictures.

The star of this visit, to me, was the premium joints.  They were outstanding in selection.  There were quite a few premium pre-rolls, of a variety of strains and farms.  The best were the Prohibition Brands barrel cured, the Tommy Gun joint, and the banana-leaf wrapped cannagar.

We enjoyed a Bourbon Barrel Cured Orange Lion joint on the first episode of the Aging Ent's Marijuana Encyclopedia. It was an exquisite bourbon experience.  I'm a big fan of whiskey, especially kentucky bourbon, and they got authentic, using bourbon, tequila, wine, and rum barrels for these products.  I absolutely will try all of these.

The Tommy Gun Killer Joint is ridiculous.  It starts with a ground flower.  The center is full of kief and nugget flower.  The last third is ground nugget with hash - hash they purportedly sent someone to Morocco to learn how to make!  Then, the whole thing is glazed in honey oil.  This is a ridiculous premium pre-roll and while I didn't get one this time, I will in the future for sure.

For my birthday, I want a couple of these banana-leaf wrapped cannagars.  They're premium marijuana in an imported Indian banana-leaf.  I've smoked a couple puffs on one and it's sweet and very slow burning for a real long-lasting experience.  Pricey though.

The shelving here matches the unique and somewhat whimsical artistic decor, being mounted snowboards. Look how much bounty of marijuana there is on display!

Sparket had a huge selection of some of the highest quality Washington edibles - like Spot, Craft Elixirs, and Zoots.  They also had quite a bit of primo Rogue Raven Farms concentrates.  I've heard great things about these, and they're definitely on the list to get down with.  I've reviewed a few strains of Rogue Raven Farms flower and it's all very premium quality.

Of course, as always, the most important part of a retail marijuana experience is the budtenders, your guides through a marijuana experience.

I was helped by Ashley, an enthusiastic budtender. She was incredibly upbeat and positive. She was interested in what I wanted to talk about, and did a great job of giving recommendations. She's mostly into Sativas like most budtenders, but was glad to tell me everything I had to know about the Prohibition Brands Tommy Gun - basically a timebomb in a pre-roll.

Normally, I do not focus on owners in reviews. In this case, I'm making an exception.  Nick is from the UK and is clearly impassioned about what he does. He spoke lovingly and carefully about all the marijuana in his store. He's been working hard for years to establish first a medical facility and now in recreational marijuana, and he's a fucking hero.

He risked everything to make sure safe access was available for everyone who he could help, and he's pioneering the legal marijuana industry.  All while being an immigrant to this land.  He barely speaks the language, and look how far he's come!

Seriously though, Nick told every single person who came through his store about the local charity that works with vets. They were filling a combat boot with donations to help feed and clothe vets, provide services, and get them assistance navigating the bureaucracy of the the VA. I also briefly met Nick's (American) veteran father-in-law who happened to stop by while I was there.  I don't care if he's from across the pond, this guy is a patriot and is living the American dream.  Good on you, Nick. Good work you've done and I can't wait to visit again!

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