Thursday, September 24, 2015

Super Girl - Buddy Boy Farm

Brand: Buddy Boy Farm
Strain: Super Girl

Potency Analysis: TTL 23.4% CBD 0% THCA 26.7%

Cost: $5.34/0.3 gram (3/$16 0.3g packages)
Store: the Freedom Market in Kelso

Harvested: 10/??/2014
Smoked: 09/21/2015

Packaging: 1.15" x 0.6" round clear plastic screw-top tub in a 2.75" x 1.9" clear plastic zip-top bag

This is the third, final, of the 3/$16 deal I got at the Freedom Market.  This was also the best of the three.

The smell on this is hugely eucalyptus.  It's like being in a crafts store in the aisle they have the massive eucalyptus branches.  These little nuggets are slightly loose, and it was easy to breakdown. 

The smoke on this was light and every single part of it was just eucalyptus all over the place. It was freaky how clearly this was eucalyptus in all aspects.  I know this is marijuana, but man, it might as well be ground up eucalyptus for the taste, through all parts of it.

The high on this was outstanding. I got baked out of my gourd.  I turned off all the lights in my office - something I never do - and watched an amazing version of Mad Max - Fury Road remastered to black and white with no dialogue and remaining effects rescored.  I'm incredibly sorry to tell you that it appears to be gone.  But it was amazing, and my first time seeing the movie - I cannot imagine it any other way. 

The legs on this were decent, and lead to a great restful night of sleep. 

Overall, it's not the best marijuana, but it's definitely the best of the 3/$16 0.3g packages I picked up. 

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