Wednesday, September 16, 2015

the Hidden Bush in Port Angeles, WA - Recreational

Retailer: the Hidden Bush
Location: Port Angeles, WA
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Visited: 09/12/2015 10:10 AM

Lowest-cost: $8 grams - $6 pre-rolls

Budtenders: Naomi - outgoing, passionate, excited, friendly
Helen - caring, good listener, smiling, relaxed

Overall: Return and Recommend
Highlights: Huge selection.  Outstanding service.  Quality.  Exceptional values.

The Hidden Bush is in a large bright blue and green building that also houses a medical marijuana facility above it.  As I pulled into the incredibly large parking lot - so much parking in back and around the side - the owner was working building what I am certain will be an exceptional garden when it comes in next spring.  It runs right next to a little stair that leads between the front and back of this building.

As soon as you enter the door, the first impression is of a huge amount of product and paraphernalia. There is such pot plenty here.

Far to the left down the other end of this frontage is a great little lounge area.  Coming from Chicagoland, you might see any of a number of fantastic local sports teams that some location supports.  We even have historic rivalry between the White Sox and the Cubs there - which can cause serious social friction. Here in WA, every where it's Seahawks - just the Seahawks. Everywhere I go.

The view from this side of the store is pretty expansive as well.

After hanging out in the lounge for just a moment, I had to get front and center with this shop's wares.

The top display is full of shaker-top marijuana smell jars and magnifying-glassed jars for visual inspection.  I know that these features help make the decision for lots of marijuana shoppers.  This is the most smell and view jars I've seen in a retailer.  The Hidden Bush treats them with care as well, which is a great way to demonstrate professionalism.  I'm impressed.  The lighting was directly overhead from essentially every angle in this huge, fully packed display.

All this display and beautiful product and open space is all well and good.  This is a marijuana retailer after all, and the real centerpiece of attention is this gorgeous wall of marijuana so far back behind the counter.

There are a huge amount of products on offer, and this is one of the most clean and organized pegboards I've seen in a retail store.  This is outstanding and impressive.  I see quite a few brands I know and love, and just as many that I've never heard of.

Because the product is kept far back, they have a legit menu of offerings.  There were several available, and they're very much like you'd see in a restaurant.  Each page was organized intuitively and communicated about the marijuana. Pricing, genre, potency info were all clear.  This retailer has the absolute most special or budget priced options I've encountered anywhere.

I was shown a brand that they carried that is exclusive to their store in the region.  I bought some of this - Canna Organix Durban Cookies.

The front displays are full of glass of a variety, as well as myriad vape and dab rigs.  The most special of these is this huge selection of quality bongs.  These are gorgeous!

From the moment I opened the door, I was guided through all parts of my marijuana experience by outgoing and incredibly energetic budtender Naomi.  She had a ready smile and her passion for the marijuana industry is outstanding!  She really loves what she's doing, which is awesome.

We spoke about how important Washington retail marijuana is going to be to the national climate, and how difficult the tight controls of the WSLCB stifle expansion and add needless complexity in some ways.  She shared her preference for sativas that give her uplift and energy.  Naomi was very high energy, and her excitement is great!

Later in my visit, I was helped by another budtender, Helen.  She shared with me her preference for indicas, and we all know that one person who has weird effects from marijuana - we're all different. Helen said she gets energized by indicas! It makes sense that they help her do mundane tasks by making them more interesting.  She had a relaxed manner and her deep care for her customers was apparent.

Overall, my visit to the Hidden Bush was outstanding.  It's a well-utilized space with a unique product presentation and a caring manner.  The budtenders were incredibly knowledgeable about their product and willing to share their experience with customers.  Pricing here is a key, they have so many budget options.  On the other end of the spectrum, the quality is completely top shelf here, and higher quality pricing was very competitive.  Value, quality, and care are utmost in my experience here.


  1. I just love these reviews of shops in smaller cities/towns - you are doing them a great service. You should see if the Bed and Breakfast places in the area would be willing to display this post. I know I would appreciate a tip on where to buy weed if I was in town for a relaxing weekend.

    Have you been to many in the SEA/TAC area - urban neighborhoods in areas of higher density? I am getting the impression these shops further out have to be "one stop shopping" - the inventory and choice seems larger. In Tacoma, the menus seem more limited than the shops you are reviewing. Maybe certain shops have chosen to go with one group of grower/processors and a mile away the next shop doesn't want to duplicate and carries others. I am rambling but what I am trying to say is....the choice seems more fragmented when you have a larger city environment.

    I look forward to your analysis of urban vs. small town/rural shops

    1. Thanks very much! Interestingly, for all that it's tiny Port Angeles has several marijuana retailers. Literally a block away from the Hidden Bush I found another, and about 3 blocks from that one is another. There are others and several medical facilities as well.

      I think that you're somewhat right about how stores try to avoid stocking exactly what their neighbor has. That's more difficult in the larger urban areas not because there are so few brands, but because there are so many stores.

      Next year, there are going to be even more stores as medical rolls into recreational. It's not going to be - at all - about who has what product. It's always going to be about who delivers the highest quality service and value.

      I haven't mentioned it very much, but I also have a small business that offers business services for the marijuana industry. Much of what you hint at here is data that I'm offering to clients - and my detailed analysis of that data, of course.

    2. "It's always going to be about who delivers the highest quality service and value."

      True that. Don't know if you maintain any contact with your prior black market contacts, but our old dealer said he hasn't felt the pinch until prices per gram dropped below $12 or so. He is a life long friend of my partner, so we got the best deals. However, when grams started dropping to $ that point he said it simply isn't worth it and no way can he beat that price - and its not worth the risk. Of course, just one data point, but gives me the impression of an intense push-pull: the State is looking to retailers to put the black market out of business, but it will require slimmer margins for the industry.

      At the end of the day, it is an agricultural commodity. Some day, we'll see rock bottom prices for weed like we see "Ears of Corn: 10 for $1.00"

    3. Remember, I've only been in WA for 3 months (it feels like more longer!) so all my black market contacts are back in the Midwest. That being said, for people close to the source, marijuana can be relatively low cost to acquire.

      Anyone buying on the black market is doing it for pricing, quantity, ideology, or age reasons. As it turns out, when legal marijuana can be put to market with the pricing of this store - $8/gram - decent quality, not top shelf obviously - or $200 an ounce which is about $7.15/gram - it's really tough on the black market.

      Read my 'About me' on the left!