Monday, October 19, 2015

Cannabis 21 in Aberdeen, WA - Recreational

Retailer: Cannabis 21
Location: Aberdeen, WA
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Visited: 10/11/2015 11:00 AM

Lowest-cost: $15 gram - $11 pre-rolls

Budtenders: Jeremiah - knowledgeable, generational grower, customer service pro, dab expert
John - agricultural expert, outgoing, experienced professional, smiling

Overall: Return and Recommend!
Highlights: Hardcore Seahawks fans. Clean environment. Huge concentrate selection. Wide variety.

Cannabis 21 is in a unique shaped building right at an intersection. There's plenty of parking behind the building, where the entrance is.  ADA access is very good.

Entering the store, there is a decent sized foyer. I came on a Sunday, and the Seahawks were on a big screen. Here are some chairs and a checkpoint, where I was greeted by a friendly, smiling woman. It turned out to be one of the owners! Angela is a huge Seahawks fan and this is her dream. She made me feel incredibly welcome to her store and greeted every customer she talked to like they were a friend visiting. I believe everyone working in and for i502 is a fantastic, amazing person. She's a hero for working hard to provide such an awesome legal marijuana store.

She lead me into the rest of the store and explained that they were updating the glass cabinetry. You might see some bluetape in a variety of pictures. Things were 'chaotic' she said, but her staff had things looking orderly and clean by time I got to shopping.

As you come through this inner door, there's a short walk to the left full of products, a long glass cabinet ahead with tons of marijuana, and to the right a couple small displays. There were a some happy, busy employees who all seemed upbeat and busy.  I really liked the unique, modern lighting fixtures. Coupled with the high windows, this place was bright and open feeling.

I briefly met another owner Arnie - he's not pictured. We talked about his dream of opening a marijuana retail store where people could come to a clean, open, upbeat, friendly, safe, and welcoming boutique style store staffed by knowledgeable people. Moments into the building, I feel that they totally nailed exactly that.

It doesn't get much more welcoming than a cool old dog chilling on the mat. Howie - Howard Chavez - didn't get up until I came near with the camera. As soon as I was two steps away, he was back to laying down and snoring quietly in a moment.

Awesome old man dogs aside, Cannabis 21 has a lot to see. Marijuana was separated mostly by genre and brand. First, walking up, you encounter the amazing selection of Sativas by Dama, Agrijuana, and Buddy Boy Farm. There's also Artizen and Forbidden Farms as well. So many awesome brands and strains available here and this is just the Sativa cabinet.

Being huge fans of the Seahawks, of course they carry a Sativa strain branded to the Seahawks. In this case 12th Man. The incredibly outgoing Dena made a great sign to show off their sale on this for game days.

Continuing down the glass countertop, the indicas on offer are all complex, from very high quality brands. Buddy Boy Farm, Liberty Reach and Jackpot Seaweed, more Agrijuana, and Orgrow - who make some of the most potent indicas and CBD strains in #WAPot. There were a few pre-rolls and a huge variety of pricing among the flower. I couldn't quite figure out all the pricing, but each product and size was labelled clearly, by hand with Sharpie.

Concentrates filled the shelf off along the short counter to the left, near the entrance. I have never seen anywhere near this much variety and specificity in concentrates. This is the place to go for concentrate variety.

Cannabis 21 had pre-filled cartridges from a variety of brands and e-joints, as well as sublingual cannabis oil. The real star though is this huge variety of super premium concentrates from super premium #WAPot brands like PhatPanda, Sweet As, and Doc Croc. You can choose your genre, strength, and even flavor profile by strain. They have 21+ types of concentrates on display!

On the other short display counter side, framing the exit, the edibles are stocked. There's a wide variety here, with all your 10mg per dosage favorites. Spot Chocolates, all variety of FairWinds capsules and tinctures, as well as Zoots, There are quite a few truffles available, with a variety of packaging sizes as well. Pricing seems commensurate with all competitors.

This wonderful shop had quite a few different unique pieces of high-end glass, as well as a diverse selection of less expensive glass and quite a bit of rolling papers. I always love to see a chest full of topicals from Gaia's Garden - some of the best of #WAPot's topical products.

There's a magnificent driveable, smokeable RC Car in their display. You can drive it back and forth to share a bowl without having to hand it over. Easily rechargable.

I learned about this RC Car's function from a guy who used it - John, a Budtender who once worked with plants at the Department of Agriculture. He had experience with marijuana grows in his youth, and applied his professional experiences at the Department of Agriculture to growing personally and as a provider. He's also helped with MMJ and i502 grow buildouts - this is the kind of guy who has seen all aspects of the marijuana industry.

We talked about how he loves a variety of marijuana, smoking different things all the time. He likes fruity strains and especially earthy hash plant. What he doesn't like is sulphery or chemical-tasting strains. He really dislikes bitter as well, and mentioned Platinum strains in particular hit this aspect for him - I can agree somewhat. His favorite strain right now is Dutchberry by Artizen.

Jeremiah, another budtender, described being raised around marijuana and grows for much of his life. He has close family that are long-time growers he has expansive knowledge of production and processing of cannabis. His preference is for concentrates, and he's something of an expert on them. Jeremiah really prefers sativa, as indica makes him feel demovitated and worthless. He definitely enjoys sativa-dominant hybrids. He seemed to have a very strong knowledge of strains and concentrates in stock. Right now, his favorite is Pineapple Express.

Overall, I really appreciated this visit to Cannabis 21. The space itself was a great retail location that is open and modern and at a great location. The owners feel themselves to be diplomats to non-smokers, and provide a clean, respectful environment for people to purchase legal, recreational marijuana.

Every single person here was open, welcoming, happy to be there, and willing to provide exceptional service. The budtenders I spoke to were knowledgeable, experienced, professionals with serious credentials in the industry.

All of the product I saw was premium - some of the best strains from the top brands that Washington has to offer. Pricing appears fair and reasonable here, and the variety is incredible. I've been to no marijuana retailer with this variety of concentrates, hands down the most dabs I've ever seen.

Cannabis 21 is a great retailer and I'll return and recommend for sure.

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