Sunday, November 15, 2015

Blue Dream (Pre-rolled) - Topshelf

Brand: Top Shelf
Strain: Blue Dream
Sativa-dominant Hybrid

Potency Analysis: TTL 25.7% THC 25.52% CBD 0.18%

Cost: $12/0.75g conical filtered joint
Store: the Kushery Lake Forest Park in Shoreline, WA

Harvested: 07/27/2015
Smoked: 11/12/2015

Packaging: 4.25" x 0.6" clear plastic round-ended plastic pressure-stoppered tube

I was previously impressed with Middle Fork by Topshelf. I was intrigued by the unique packaging and great pricing of these pre-rolled joints, so I had to give more Topshelf a try.

I got this on a visit to the Kushery's third location, was on their Grand Opening Day. There were a variety of people working there, and another customer came in behind me. They didn't seem to know it was a new store at all - he mentioned it was their first time to a legal marijuana store. While the assistant store manager was leading me through my visit and multiple purchases, another budtender - a very young lady - guided this older first-timer through his search for a relaxing strain that would help him fall asleep. She was clearly taken aback and a more than a little upset that I corrected her after she recommended Gorilla Glue for this customer.

Now, everyone feels marijuana a bit differently and there is never a way to be sure how a strain might effect an individual. However, this is a traditional super-sativa, energetic strain. The customer had no experience, and almost spent $60 on an eighth that would have ruined his night and next day. When I interrupted her, the cashier was upset and said, "Well it made me sleepy!" At that point, I shared my card and introduced myself to the the other guy. The employee ran to the back and soon after the store manager came out. I apologized to the guy who was helping me - he said he knew it was a super sativa and that I should not be apologetic. The customer thanked me. Once again, this is a marijuana strain review, not a review of the store I got it at.

This tube has a pressure-stopper to close it - the first of this 'test-tube' type packaging I've encountered. It looks good, and it definitely seems to have a better seal than do the typical flip-top tubes.

Taking this joint out, the smell was somewhat smoky undertones, with a real blue scent. This is totally a Blueberry flavor, so pungent it digs into the back of the eyes and deep in the sinuses. This is one of the most potent scented pre-rolls I've encountered.

The joint lit well, and had a really woody-cut pine flavor on the inhale.  Holding this in the sweet, fruity blueberry takes over and expands throughout the sinuses and lungs. The aftersmell was traditional blue smell.

The high gave me an almost instant vibey headfeel. It was a legitimate buzz sensation. After a few minutes, I felt thoughtful and driven. My focused thought process lead me to a buzzy, silly, weird time. This was just uplift and worry-free. I was particularly stressed - I've got a few things going on in the day job which aren't great - and this just pulled the strain away.

Legs were magnificent on this joint, and there was virtually no comedown. I drank about a half-gallon of coffee along with it, which probably helped with the smooth transition.

Overall, this was a great Blue Dream in taste and feel. Exceptional sativa without any aftereffect and great high. Topshelf is clearly treating their pre-rolls just right.

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