Friday, November 20, 2015

Blue Dream - Salish Sativas

Brand: Salish Sativas
Strain: Blue Dream
Sativa-dominant Hybrid

Potency Analysis: TTL 23.45% THC 20.48% CBD 0.08%

Cost: $12/gram
Store: the Kushery in Shoreline, WA

Harvested: 07/15/2015
Smoked: 11/15/2015

Packaging: 5" x 3.5" clear plastic mylar-backed rip-top zip-top bag

I bought two types of Blue Dream (one of my all-time favorite strains) at this location of the Kushery's grand opening. I wrote about that experience on the Blue Dream (Pre-rolled) - Topshelf review. My only previous experience with this brand was really terrible. I went in open minded, anyhow.

Taking this out of the package, it smells very blue and expansive. The flower's smell was a boosting fresh berry.

All over the nuggets are tight, thin crystals. Crisp ginger-colored hairs spring out from the buds and they too have a thin coating of crystal. It breaks down into a chunky crumble and there are soft citrusy hints inside the blue as it emanates into the sinuses.

On the inhale this has an overall woody tone. During a hold and the exhale, deep blueberry expands throughout all parts of the respiratory system. My sinuses, mouth, lungs, back behind my eyes. It ended with a bright citrus zing.

This was a very sativa experience on the high. My thoughts became very complex and rambling. I was introspective yet creative and what I thought at that time was made real. Basically I created in my head for a while, then pushed it out into being.

Overall, this was definitely better than the previous Salish Sativas experience. The smoke was tasty and the high was what I want out of Blue Dream. Definitely not the best rendition of the strain, but this is still a fine example.

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