Monday, November 2, 2015

Blue Trainwreck (Pre-rolled) - Northwest Pearl

Brand: Northwest Pearl
Strain: Blue Trainwreck
Sativa-dominant Hybrid

Potency Analysis: TTL 18% THC 17.8% CBD 0.2%

Cost: $10/1 gram pre-roll
Store: Old Toby in Chehalis, WA

Harvested: 09/11/2015
Smoked: 10/30/2015

Packaging: 5" x 0.75" clear plastic squeeze-to-open tube

The smell on this is very blue and tasty berry. It's the kind of smell that tickles your nosehairs and sticks with you.

This joint fired up great, and the first inhales were delicious blueberry sweetness. On the inhale the blueberry is pervasive, filling the sinuses. The hold and exhale is rolling sweetness. My lips got gummed with resins almost immediately. It faded quickly.

I've never had a legal pre-roll which burned this well - there was no running, and the joint was perfectly packed. You can see the bud through the paper - this hasn't been ground to dust like you often find. Instead, it's well broken down but still recognizable as flower.

Another first - this smoked absolutely perfectly down to the filter. Often, pre-rolls end up very resiny, gummy and unsmokeable near the bottom. Or I end up coughing to death on the funk in the bottom of the smoke. In this case, it burned smooth and delicious all the way to the bottom. It was a bit fast of a smoke, indicating a bit of unexpected dryness of the flower.

While a nice clean smoke is great, that's a clear indicator that terpenes were very low, and goes hand in hand with the relatively low THC count of this. The high was pretty good overall. There was great uplift and a brief energetic period. I had the giggles throughout and the come-down was gentle. I was a bit tired afterward, but nothing a brief weednap couldn't resolve.

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