Monday, November 9, 2015

Cheese - Grow State

Brand: Grow State
Strain: Cheese
Indica-dominant Hybrid

Potency Analysis: TTL 18.4% THC 0.9% CBD 0.2% THCA 20.0%

Cost: $12/gram
Store: Seattle Tonics in Seattle, WA

Harvested: 09/04/2015
Smoked: 11/06/2015

Packaging: 5" x 3.5" clear plastic mylar-backed rip-top zip-top bag

This is the downright smelliest Cheese #WAPot I've encountered. This is some funky stinky high-end legal, recreational marijuana. 

Opening this package was an experience. After ripping, before unzipping, the smell hit me in the face. This smell is deeply pungent. There's a sourness is so deep on the flower, it takes a moment to realize what your sense of smell is communicating. It has a heavy persisting onion-like sensation - which I've learned is caused by complex plant steroids called phytosterol. It hangs around deep in the sinuses in an incredible richness.

The flower itself is beautiful green and the trichromes are glistening everywhere. Hairs are present, and a crisp ginger color. They're all covered in these crystals as well. Breaking this down, the smell gets stankier. It has a great texture, and the buds flake up and crumble well.

On the inhale, the mind-melting pungent cheesiness and sourness on the smell becomes truly manifest. This hits the face and nose so deeply. on the inhale it's more sensation than flavor. Holding is smooth with this flavorful smoke expanding a bit to fill the lungs. On the exhale it's everything that smooth is. The sourness sticks across the entire tongue and is a lasting sensation.

This high is funky and smooth, like the smoke. The high's relaxed and happy. That funky sour taste leads into a mental happiness and fuzzy loudness. It's amazing how quickly I went from sitting up taking notes about the flavor of smelling and smoking this delicious marijuana to being leaned back in my desk chair watching Star Trek: The Next Generation in the dark.

Relaxation was in the muscles, joints, and head. I didn't feel dumb, just totally happy to exist in that spot and absorb entertainment. Normally, I'm doing something.  Reading, reviewing, organizing, analyzing, writing. But with this amazing Cheese, I did nothing.

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