Sunday, November 29, 2015

Island Sweet Skunk - Permagrin

Brand: Permagrin
Strain: Island Sweet Skunk
Sativa-dominant Hybrid

Potency Analysis: TTL 15% THC 14.9% CBD 0.1%

Cost: $7/gram
Store: Lucid Martin Way in Olympia, WA

Harvested: 07/08/2015
Smoked: 11/25/2015

Packaging: 5" x 2.75" thin clear plastic mylar-backed rip-top zip-top bag

I caught this at the Lucid Martin Way grand opening. This was only $7 a gram. I'm a sucker for a deal, and this turned out to be a great one!

The smell on this is very soft, with an herbal fragrance at many different levels of the aroma. There's a slightly fresh basil overnote, and the main body is like a flat, dried mixed herb blend that's aged a while. All over this is just outdoorsy.

There's a definite ranginess to this marijuana. I did not catch great photos of the nugs, but there's quite a few different beautiful colors on the flower - faint though they may be. This is rangy looking weed, but overall it's pretty. It breaks down well and crumbles to chunks. There's a decent moisture level here without being sticky.

The smoke on this was sweet up front, with a luxurious feel. It's smooth throughout the face and exhaling is gentle and with a delicate body. Flavors are flat and mostly like burned vegetable matter. Not much terpene profile here at all. The aftersmell is very much that up-front flatness of old dried herbs.

The high on this was a real warm buzz, throughout my consciousness. There was a slight uplift with steady legs. This is definitely an all-day high. I can take care of whatever with this high - I was not super focused but I was capable and still high and happy.

Overall, it's some rangy looking marijuana. But the smooth smoke, the delicate exhale, this all-day buzz, and a mellow, calm come down, all these great qualities make up for the flavor and smell component - and for an all-day smoker, this would be great in the hitterbox you keep in the car.

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