Monday, November 9, 2015

Silver Haze (Pre-rolled) - Salish Sativas

Brand: Salish Sativas
Strain: Silver Haze
Sativa-dominant Hybrid

Potency Analysis: TTL 19.64% THC 17.16% CBD 0.11%

Cost: $11/1 gram filtered conical joint
Store: Seattle Tonics in Seattle, WA

Harvested: 08/04/2015
Smoked: 11/07/2015

Packaging: 4.75" x 0.75" transparent red plastic flip-top tube

This is one of the lowest quality, worst smoking pre-rolls I've encountered in #WAPot so far.

Taking this out of the tube, I was moderately disappointed by the smell. Dirt is the most present component in the aroma. There's a slight very dry sage smell - like two year old dollar store ground spice. The best part of the smell is that it's very faint and does not spread far.

A joint needs to have a consistent grind to burn well. One huge mistake being made in the recreational marijuana industry is grinding it down to a fine powder. While most of it is a fine powder, there are some spots that are slightly larger. The more fine of a powder you grind to, the greater an affect inconsistency has. This ultra-fine powder will burn well, until there's a moderately larger - but still very small - piece. Then it becomes very inconsistent, and the joint burns. In this case, it was tough to just keep this going because of the variety of inconsistencies.

There's a distinct sloppiness about the way the pre-roll is put together overall. You can see the filter extends past the wrap by an eighth inch, and the paper itself smokes with a distinct acridity. These are definitely budget papers, and adding to the misery of trying to smoke this destroyed, over-ground powder, the glue burned very inconsistently, leaving me an unburned segment where the paper is glued. I had to burn it off 5 times throughout the joint.

I smoked this in Seattle - legally and outside of public view but definitely out and about. My wife and I were exploring the city and buying marijuana all over town, I found a little side street with a bunch of vehicles parked so I went for a walk and wandered down this street smoking this pre-roll. My wife actually hung out in the van planning our next few stops; she's driving so no smoking.

After just a few moments I realize, these vehicles are virtually all RVs and vans, and I believe people are living inside them, parked on the side of the road. OK, fair enough. There's also quite a bit of cardboard, discarded clothes, random bits of tarp - I realized I was walking through basically a homeless shanty-town by about the time I smoked this half-way down. Then I cashed it out, tubed it back up, and walked to my van a block or two away.

The smoke on this was very acrid and bitter. I am sure that some part of this is from the paper itself, as I used a small tasting pipe to get some of this flower on it's own. The basic flavor of the flower is dirt. It's sincerely what I imagine the dirt under one of those cardboard and tarp hovels to taste like. The aftersmell is distinctly tobacco. I quit smoking cigarettes in the beginning of 2013, and quit e-cig vaping about 2 months ago. My wife was not happy with the smell when I hopped back in the van.

The high on this was nonexistent. I didn't feel any effects whatsoever smoking half of this pre-roll. So I stopped and smoked the other half of it about half an hour later. Again, nothing but dirt flavor on  the inhale, and exhale. The last few hits had some very mild light pine and sage terpene flavors.

Even after smoking the rest of this 1 gram joint all by myself, I had no discernable effect whatsoever from this marijuana, except perhaps the least little bit of edginess as an aftereffect two hours later.

Overall, this was one of the my worst legal marijuana experiences. The flower had a flat, nearly unpleasant aroma. The joint burned terribly for multiple reasons. It tasted bad - once again for multiple reasons. The high was non-existent.

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