Tuesday, November 3, 2015

the Green Vault in Chehalis, WA - Producer/Processor - Revisit and Harvest Party

Producer/Processor: the Green Vault
Location: Chehalis, WA

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Visited: 11/02/2015

Overall: Caring. Driven. Arm-sized Buds. Passionate. Harvest Party.

I originally visited the Green Vault on 09/17/2015.  Here's a bit of an update on the growings and their harvest party. Their sea of green has expanded significantly. All those empty, just-built trays are now full, each and every one.

In the time since I have been here last, many barely flowering plants are now producing massive flowers. Here's a unique strain Northern Pie with buds the size of Master Grower Dan MC's arm. He talked about results like this from the growing methods when he sat down with me for the Marijuana Encyclopedia Radio Show Episode 2. Buds the size of a forearm - here's the real deal.

Here's some beautiful Jilly Bean, which I've posted about in all of her stages of growth. I can't wait to smoke her.  Also, the tightest tip of her highest flower.

Here's a higher angle of the sea of green in this i502 legal marijuana production facility. I believe this shows the scale well, especially when you see Marijuana Encyclopedia co-host Ryan and Justin dwarfed by the space and the greenery.

To celebrate this awesome coming harvest, they had a Harvest Party. There was food - burgers and dogs from the grill manned by Bruce - as well as a dozen kinds of side dish. There was some amazing carrot cake and spice bread. Water and soda were the beverages on offer. None of this was marijuana-infused.

The Green Vault is located next to my local i502 Retailer, Old Toby - friends who are celebrating successes together. There were quite a few customers coming and going - this was a happy party celebrating legal, recreational marijuana in Chehalis, WA.

They had a high-end, wholesale glass-blower on site demonstrating some skills. Ronnie Thebeau was glad to demonstrate. He had a wide array of some nicely made, unique, inventive creations. Uncle Ronnie also has a serious deathstare behind his working glasses.

The party winded down as the sun set and it moved to a nearby private residence.

This private afterparty really started when Dash of Old Toby lit up a Green Vault Chocolate Chunk 10 inch 10 gram joint. There were 28 people in the circle, and this went around 5 times at least! 5 times around, and this with professional smokers in the circle. It was tasty and no one was coughing their brains out even after 9 grams of resinating and terpenes building up in this delicious Chocolate Chunk. This is a for real party joint. Even after several party fouls, it did not crumble.

There were magical, marijuana infused treats to be had - homemade with legal, recreational marijuana for private enjoyment. Shelley (the other half of the Green Vault) told me this one is called "Danger! Danger! Peanut! Butter!". It had to be 60mg on it's own. I ate one and 2/3 of my wife's. I was still high at lunch time the next day.

I want to thank Dave and Shelley the owners of the Green Vault. I didn't catch a shot of her that night (she was all over being a fantastic hostess at this amazing Harvest Party) but I believe we're in a half dozen photos together on various streams! She and her BFF kicked my wife and I's asses at bean bag toss (aka cornhole) and there's at least one pic of that going on I believe.

Here's one last shot of Dave, being awesome at his after party with many of his staff and friends. If you look really closely, you can just barely tell he's been working and partying with friends and colleagues for 14 hours or so by this point! Thanks for the party!

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