Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Grape Stomper - Rootworx

Brand: Rootworx
Strain: Grape Stomper
Sativa-dominant Hybrid

Potency Analysis: TTL 24.63% THC 0.1% CBD 0.06% THCA 27.98%

Cost: $12/gram
Store: Lucid Martin Way in Olympia, WA

Harvested: 10/08/2015
Smoked: 11/27/2015

Packaging: 4.75" x 3.15" clear plastic zip-top bag inside 3.75" x 1" cardboard box

I think this is the brand that co-host Ryan was talking about in the Marijuana Encyclopedia Episode 3. He described a box about this size, and this is some similarly awesome pot. This might be the mystery brand from those reviewed strains - I don't quite know right now.

The bag on this was barely heat sealed at the top, but as soon as I opened the bag, I was greeted with a scent of warmed plastic. It was the only smell inside the bag and the marijuana smelled of it for a while. I transferred this pot to a clean glass jar, and let it soak in it's own funk for a couple days before interacting with it further. 

The smell on this marijuana was slightly sweet with a dense vegetative primary presence. The cure on this was ideal. There's a decent moisture content leaving the pot moist but still dry to the touch.

It's smokey on the inhale and the flavor is mostly burned vegetable matter. The smoke on this was flatly vegetative - no pungency but a brief sweetness. The exhale returns to a hint of that sweetness on the lips behind the burned veg. The very last nugget of this I smoked was significantly grape-sweet.

A mellow uplift defines this high. It's not too anything, just a slow light climb to dim happiness and moderate buzzy head. Legs on this weren't outstanding, but the high stuck persisting mellow.

Overall, this was a decent chill high that stayed around. I think there might have been other packages with more robust flavor based on that one last flavorful nug.

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