Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Liquid Joy - Legal Sparkling Tonic

Brand: Legal Sparkling Tonic
Strain: Liquid Joy Sparkling Rainier Cherry Soda

Potency Analysis: 10mg THC per serving (two servings per bottle)

Cost: $16/11.5 fl oz bottle
Store: Lucid Martin Way in Olympia, WA

Made: 09/04/2015
Consumed: 11/22/2015

Packaging: 6.5" x 2.5" semi-opaque brown glass pony bottle

I've been wanting to review another Legal sparkling tonic since I had a Lemon-Ginger Dream Tonic way back in June, a few weeks into this blog. I had this one on a lazy Sunday, during which the sun was shining, I was in a light hoody and warm getting high outside while reading my newspaper - something I rarely do. The bottle comes with a 30ML/8 drams/1 oz measuring cup - it's required by the WSLCB, and it came in useful so my wife could take a sip, and I drank the rest over ice.

The smell is sweet, a clear and fresh cherry. The aroma is luscious - a popping deep cherry flavor. There's a great sparkle to the drink and you can see the volume of bubbles sticking to the glass. There definitely could be more carbonation, more sparkle would make this lighter.

On the first sip, as it passes the lips the sparkle pops and a deep syrupy cherry flavor spreads across the top of the tongue. Moving the drink back over the tongue, there's a dark, fresh cherry - a chasm of complexity. Swallowing the sip, the sparkle is still very present and it's almost a stinging at the end of the gulp.

The aftertaste is like liquid cherry pie filling, remarkably dark and complex. It spreads from the back center of the tongue outward. This would mix with vodka really well, or a clear whiskey, and carry a ton of flavor with it. Honestly, while it's really delicious and outright amazing on it's own, I somewhat wish I had mixed this with a quality ginger ale or some 7-up. The second half of this was almost sticky sweet and could definitely have been stretched a bit.

Just moments after finishing the first glass, the high started to onset. I felt it in the back of my head like a tight tingling which spread out loosely everywhere else. The chills spread around my head and stayed there throughout the high. There was a moderate positive uplift in my mind, but much of this was body high. 

While standing around drinking this and reading my paper I decided I needed a joint. I had a bit of a few kinds sitting around so I twisted them all up into a great joint which burned really well throughout.

This was my setup for the morning. I had a lot of wobbly moments while standing here high as hell, in my mind and body. A few times, as the body high rolled through me a bit, I had a dizzy shifting of the ground. If I was sitting, I'd have sat, but instead I just kind of hung out and leaned on my outside table, enjoying what I was sure was one of the last warm mornings this year.

Overall I was incredibly impressed with this Legal Soda once more. The high hung on for about 4 hours and it was just moderate waves of enjoyment throughout. I truly enjoyed this experience - the very next time I buy a Legal Sparkling Tonic, however, I'm buying a great ginger ale to enjoy with it so I can enjoy it more thoroughly.

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