Monday, December 7, 2015

Pebbles Watermelon Candy - Magic Kitchen

Brand: Magic Kitchen (Northwest Cannabis Solutions)
Edible: Pebbles Watermelon Candy

Potency Analysis: 10mg THC

Cost: $5/magic pebble
Store: Old Toby in Chehalis, WA


Made: 10/16/2015
Eaten: 11/30/2015

Packaging: 5" x 3" opaque mylar rip-top zip-top bag

When I picked this up, it was only because I wanted a little extra something for an after work chill session. I reviewed Magic Kitchen Chewees previously, and have smoked some flower from Northwest Cannabis Solutions as well. I really like the branding and packaging of the Magic Kitchen products. They keep the worst enemy of THC stability at bay - light. This particular bag however was heat sealed all the way down to the zip-top, so I had to cut under the zip.

This beautiful little candy has a sweet, lightly watermelon smell. There isn't a huge amount of scent on it, as would be expected from the simple ingredients. 

The sugar in this candy was evidently very stable. The candy is overall clear with a smooth finish. It's not very sticky but felt like it could be.

I popped the candy into my mouth and was instantly surprised by the bold, big flavor on this. The watermelon is fresh and huge. I enjoyed the lozenge very much it had so much massive watermelon flavor. 

When I was young, every now and again for a treat in summer, my parents would take my sisters and I down to the city. We'd have beefs or hot dogs with an overflowing amount of french fries, then next door to get Italian ice. My favorite was always Watermelon Ice and this is exactly the massive watermelon flavor I remember.

I quit smoking tobacco after 22 years, in 2013. After that, until last July, I was vaping. I got way into it and created a small business that put a product out and got very interested in reviewing commercial vape juice and later in making my own vape juice as well, with a couple formulas I created still being used by some premium juice makers. It's relevant because I have some of the specific watermelon flavoring that I believe is used in this candy, in a box packed with a ton of other vape related stuff. I'd know that sweet juicy flavor just about anywhere. 

Overall the candy was immensely enjoyable.

I cannot say that I felt any specific increased effect from this candy, sadly. I didn't feel a much later body high, and I smoked flower a few times but did not notice any of the typical effects from edible accompanying flower. That is not to say that I think this didn't have 10mg of THC, I think that I need more like 30-50mg of THC to really get down with an edible.

I know these Pebbles are available in 100mg packages, and I might just get some.

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