Monday, January 18, 2016

Black Haze - Agro Mechanix

Brand: Agro Mechanix
Strain: Black Haze
Sativa-dominant Hybrid

Potency Analysis: TTL 20.9% THC 18.0% CBD 0.1%

Cost: $12/gram
Store: Lucid in Lacey, WA

Harvested: 12/14/2015
Smoked: 01/11/2016

Packaging: 4.5" x 3" clear plastic mylar-backed rip-top zip-top bag

Sorry for such a terrible shot of the front of the bag - Like before I didn't want to wait with this smoke when I bought it late one night at Lucid. The picture was taken in my dark van late at night, right before ripping it open and breaking in a new pipe.

The greens are rich and this nugget is tight and crystalline with ginger-orange hairs everywhere. Trichromes are ridiculously thick on this frosty looking haze.

Tangerine is everywhere. Undertones are sweet and fresh like a garden. The smell is so seriously tangerine. It's insane how precise this smell hits the inner peel of a Cutie.

A sweet garden vegetation flavor carried the inhale. The hold was juicy, sweet tangerine with massive tangerine flavor, my mouth was watering as exhaled. On the exhale, there was a serious nasal sting and it left everyone who smoked on this feeling on the verge of a sneeze after the first hit.

The high on this was a smooth uplift with great bodyfeel throughout the torso. I was happy, smiling, just as good as it gets. This got me talkative, and had decent legs. It left me with giggles balanced by a body high that was almost tingles at some points.

Overall, this was the most tangerine tasting marijuana I've ever tasted, and it was fresh, clean tasting, with a super balanced high. This is an instant favorite.

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