Saturday, January 30, 2016

Blackberry Wax - Rootworx

Brand: Rootworx
Strain: Blackberry Wax

Potency Analysis: TTL 79.2% THC 15.3% CBD 0.6% THCA 72.9%

Cost: $20 / 0.5 gram
Store: Lucid Martin Way in Olympia, WA

Harvested: ??/??/??
Smoked: 01/26/2016

Packaging: 1.15" x 0.65" clear plastic tub inside 6" x 3" clear plastic zip-top bag inside 3.75" x 2.25" x 1" cardboard box

I don't often show the same brand back to back, and it's not often that product is this consistently good back to back. I love this Rootworx product and I definitely want to see where this stuff comes from!

First of all, the color, consistency, and feel of this is awesome. It's like half-melted wax when warm and it has a nice crackle when cold. It's not quite shatter though. I immediately took this out of the plastic - and left behind a small dab's worth. It'll sit there until I warm it up one day to get that last little bit out. It's a ritual I have with small containers whenever I'm dry - which isn't often and usually isn't for long!

This smells of pale citrus fruit, there's a juiciness to the smell and it's more potent than most concentrates.

On the inhale is a strong citrus, it's so vast. There's a definite waxy texture to the smoke, although it's smooth for all it's depth.

The high is nearly immediate relaxation. I felt it like a shiver from my head to my butt and basically just fell back into my chair for a few moments. It mellowed out into a slight warming hum, with full relaxation.

This is some fantastic nighttime marijuana. I had exceptional sleep, this was really great, and very potent. This half gram lasted me 3 days smoking it exclusively to sleep - after the first taster dab that is. Every time I smoked this I kicked back in bed and was asleep before I knew it. I woke more well rested than I normally do, and my muscles all felt relaxed.

Overall, this was a magnificent product. This exceeded my high expectations and was an exceptional bedtime smoke.

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