Monday, January 25, 2016

Raspberry Kush - Seattle's Private Reserve

Brand: Seattle's Private Reserve
Strain: Raspberry Kush

Potency Analysis: TTL 21.01% THC 2.28% CBD 0% THCA 21.35%

Cost: $15/gram
Store: Lucid Martin Way in Olympia, WA

Harvested: 08/17/2015
Smoked: 01/21/2016

Packaging: 1.6" x 1.5" clear plastic jar with black twist-on lid inside of 1.75" cubic cardboard box

We enjoyed this strain before, on the Marijuana Encyclopedia Episode 3. At that time, we only got some great pictures of it. At the time we had no idea who grew it or what the packaging looked like!

This time, the second I saw this beautiful nugget I knew I had to have it. This is magnificent. The purple is so rich and there is a thick frosting of white crystals. This is truly glazed.

The smell is sweet and berry, but it is incredibly dim. There's no spread even when the marijuana is broken up.

On the inhale, this is rich berry, deeply sweet in the rear palate. It slowly fades on the exhale into an enduring berry and faint citrus. There's an aftertaste redolent with the bite of these huge, pure white trichromes.

Almost immediately, this made me lean back. It has fast effects, starting with a significant eye high. This spread out into a persistent headband and a heady, wobbly feel. My body was pain free with relaxation at the joints and in my neck. This is the medical-grade relaxation I like from recreational indica - it's ideal.

Overall, this was indeed a premium cannabis, and it had exactly the effect I was looking for.

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