Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Blue Dream Presidential Cut - Rootworx

Blue Dream Presidential Cut - Rootworx

For a multitude of reasons, this is the single coolest jar of marijuana to date.

First of all, I received this as a gift from Ryan Galford of Rootworx. He's a new great friend!

I had also just recently toured the Rootworx facility! That was such a great time and I can't wait to come back. On an aside there - this is really the first new glass packaging marijuana getting cracked open.

Maybe the most cool of all, there were only 11 of these jars processed. 10 went to Leafly. This one's mine. How fucking awesome is that? Thanks Rootworx! It really means a lot to me.

Opening this jar, this is some award winning marijuana smell. There's a sharply pungent aroma with real presence. There's a sweet vegetative smell, clean and crisp - layered with a sexy muskiness.

Clumps of crisp orange hairs are just pouring out from between the crevices of this crystally marijuana. The trichromes are so present. They encrust the whole bud, and up tight the structure of them is intense.

On the inhale this is - like the aroma - layered. There's pungency as a primary flavor component, and deep cheesiness. There's also a wide deep fruitiness, that clean blueness in the center of the hit. Holding, and exhaling, the rich cheesy pungency overtakes everything.

After this got really warm, the whole flavor profile changed. It got some deep terpenes building in a joint and later in a deeper bowl, the flavor was much like frosted mini wheats and had a textural feel like banana bread in the aftertaste. This is the most profound flavor profile change after 'resinating' that I've ever encountered.

The high on this was huge and uplifting. There was a rich vibrancy to color, creativity flowed through me, and I had energy. Legs on this were solid and the comedown was smooth as could be.

Overall, this is the best damn jar of marijuana. Taking the esoteric reasons I love this marijuana out of the picture, overall it's delicious, has a huge flavor and great high. This is some straight up legit top shelf marijuana and anyone who gets to smoke it is really lucky.

Update: This came in 4th Place on Leafly's list. Mine wasn't the least dry. I could agree with the comments about a somewhat earthy flavor near the end. It did have a textural feel which they may have felt as 'harsh' but I thought it was interesting.