Thursday, February 18, 2016

Flux Capacitor Shatter - Sticky Frog

Brand: Sticky Frog (Phat Panda)
Strain: Flux Capacitor
Balanced Hybrid Shatter

Potency Analysis: TTL 75.9% THC 3.72% CBD 0.85% THCA 82.3%

Cost: $20 / 0.5g
Store: the Freedom Market in Kelso, WA

Packaged: 09/08/2015
Smoked: 02/10/2016

Packaging: 1.25" x 0.6" translucent silicone tub inside 6.5" x 4" clear plastic mylar backed rip-top zip-top bag

This is my first time purchasing Sticky Frog brand extract, although I see it all the time. This is the concentrate line from Grow Op Farms, the company behind Phat Panda. You know they're good at what they do, for all the quantity of product they put out.

The smell on this was basically nothing. There's essentially an absence of smell inside the silicone tub, which I would like to mention is decent. It's not the greatest silicone tub obviously, but it's definitely better than a hard plastic gem case, I think. I've seen silicone envelopes too, and this is far superior.

Look at the color - like a pale amber where it's thin, then darkening to golden honey where it's thickest. The consistency is like stiff taffy with a slight crisp edge. I could start to break a piece off, but it would bend before the break. However, the rest of the dab kept it's shape while bending and breaking the piece. Overall a sturdy texture.

On the inhale this is incredibly bright and sharp. There's a definite umami characteristic on the exhale and a sort of salinity in aftertaste, which also had low citrus notes. Overall, it's smooth.

After my first dab of this, I had to have more, it was so delicious. On my third hit, suddenly, I was headringing high. This was super stoney as my head rang like the inside of a bell, but pleasantly. I felt this in my eyes, and soon after I was just doped out all over my head.

The label warns of time travel as a side effect and I agree. Suddenly, I felt energized but had a sense of lazy togetherness with all the universe. While I wanted to do things, instead my mind advanced to a new, different level of consciousness.

Overall, my journey through time was not brief, nor was it long, the duration was rather tangential to a clock. I definitely grokked deeply with this, and would consider this significantly medical. 


  1. I've finally crossed over to imbibing concentrates via vape pen. Took me awhile to get over the sticker shock: were you in WA in 2014 when the shops first opened? Prices for one gram a weed were so high, I took one look and said "are you KIDDING?". Concentrate prices were even more jaw dropping - very traumatizing for the frugal, don't ya know. I think I repressed the memory! Thankfully, prices are more in line with my comfort level, and we may even make a drive to Lucid this weekend for their deals - so thank you for keeping us informed of prices!

    From one long term smoker to another: do you feel concentrates have bolstered your tolerance considerably?

    1. I got here in June 2015 - the prices have dropped significantly in the time I've been here.

      I'm kicking out lots of concentrates over the next week or so - maybe you'll find something that sounds right to you.

  2. Looking forward to it; still have to get around to your Lodi Dodi podcast. I swear its like you are looking over our shoulders...we buy a strain - a week later you review it!