Sunday, February 28, 2016

OG Sour - Artizen

Brand: Artizen
Strain: OG Sour (Oregon Sour Diesel)
Sativa-dominant Hybrid

Potency Analysis: TTL 21.9% THC 21.9% CBD 0%

Cost: $15/gram

Store: Lucid Martin Way in Olympia, WA

Harvested: 01/01/2016
Smoked: 02/23/2016

Packaging: 4" x 3.5" mylar rip-top zip-top bag



I really love this brand, and when I saw a Sour D strain, I had to grab it.

The flower is soft and has a nice squish to it - this is a slightly less dry cure than I'm used to with Artizen products, but by no means is it wet.

 The smell is sour, not quite a diesel smell but definitely chemical. There's a bit of an acrid note that comes and goes on the smell.

Smoking this is cleanly vegetative, with an inhale that is delicately sour - very subtle considering the aggressiveness of the chemical aroma. Exhaling this is more fresh vegetative hue with a dry neutral soil tone. Much like the acrid note in the smell, this dirt flavor is present intermittently.

This high starts almost immediately with a heady, mild euphoria that wibbles and wobbles the whole universe. Time compacted and expanded back to normal after a few centuries to setting as mellow uplift with long legs and smiles that lasted for the rest of my day. Come down was smooth, like stepping off an elevator, but the joy stuck around.

Overall, not quite as diesel as I prefer Sour D - but it's labeled OG Sour, so I shouldn't really expect straight up Sour D (even if the label says Oregon Sour D). Lots of emotional positivity with this all day, tasty, and long legged marijuana with long after effects. I love it - this feels medical grade for certain.

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