Tuesday, February 2, 2016

White Widow Shatter - Honu

Brand: Honu
Strain: White Widow "Shatter" (Honey)
Balanced Hybrid
Butane Closed Loop

Potency Analysis: TTL 64.95% THC 64.95% CBD 0.14%

Cost: $15 / 0.5g
Store: the Freedom Market in Kelso, WA


Harvested: 11/02/2015
Smoked: 01/30/2016

Packaging: 5" x 4" folded parchment paper inside 4.5" x 3" purple and pink plastic mylar-backed rip-top zip-top bag

This is not shatter. Calling this product shatter isn't fair at all. I love the #PurpleTurtle - I may be one of their biggest fans but this should be labeled differently. This is nearly transparent honey.

I had to struggle with this, like no other. I tried to fold it in on itself, to make it thicken up but the bond it had with this parchment paper was just obscene. The two bonded. I froze this for about 20 minutes, then was able to fold it once before it got too melty. I had to freeze it and fold it two more times and in the end, it didn't work anyway.

It didn't take too many scrapes before I ripped the parchment to shreds. As counterpoint, and in defense of the parchment paper, I do use a precision screwdriver as a dabber so it's sharp ended (look at the tears) and I am sometimes just outright barbaric. Now, that all being said: I got every single bit of this off the paper, don't you doubt that.

This is some seriously cleanly purged, clear amber goop, it's basically honey. I mean, look at the color, look at the texture. For all that it's not shatter, it's great. Look at how many wrinkles in the parchment you can see through in that top picture.

The smell on this is fruity backed by a deep rich almond butter aroma. You can tell by all these things - the sticky goopy texture, the almondy smell, this is high in those terpenes that make the White Widow strain so widely loved.

This smokes clean. On the inhale, there's a complex earthy flavor. This is vegetative and that nuttiness comes through as well. It's really smooth especially considering it's only 65% cannabinoids.

This remained hard to work with throughout, but when I got a good big dab it was great. The effects were strong and nearly immediate. There was a balanced head and body. A sense of euphoria took over while all stress relaxed right out out - draining down my spine and out my body. I had to lay down for a few moments after the third big dab. It was wild.

The high was fantastic, with strong legs. The high ended slowly with lingering body effects of relaxation and ended with a dopey head feel. Some time later, I got a bit hungry.

Overall, this was not shatter. I'd have been much happier if I knew ahead of time that I was getting honey. Once I got over the texture expectation, I took a closer look. I realized just how high quality this is. It's legitimately transparent at the edges, clear up close, and tasty as hell. The effects were intense, long lasting, and balanced.

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