Sunday, March 27, 2016

Blue Hawaiian - Bondi Farms

This was one of the recommendations made to me by budtender Liz at Sweet Leaf when I visited there. She really loves this strain, and I've never been let down by Bondi Farms, so of course I got this.

The flower is gorgeous with thick nodule buds and crystals encrusting everything. Robust, thick orange hairs flow through the bud, and are cured in place by the serious frosting of trichromes. Breaking this down, those trichs shatter and scatter.

Aromas of lush vegetation and clean blue-fruit flavors abound. While the bud itself has a somewhat subtle smell, once broken down and smoking the scent is huge.

Inhaling this is all the berry, in the front, top, middle and back palate, a different clean, fresh, fruity blueberries express everywhere. To be clear, this is all the blueberries are on this inhale. Exhaling is more vegetative and crisp, but still blue flavor pervades and it holds on in the mouth for quite a while. I put a tiny little nodule of this into a mixed flower joint and the blue flavor spread everywhere.

An active happiness takes me immediately and the high got fluffy. My head was dumb and smiley, with a warmth through my body. Some time after the immediacy of the high mellowed out, I was relaxed and happy with a calm mellow attitude. This was great indica feelings.

Overall, I'm happy I took Liz's advice on this. She knows her product for sure, and Bondi Farms did me right with this awesome tasting indica hybrid.

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