Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Bud Bombs - Cedar Creek Cannabis

Bud Bombs - Cedar Creek Cannabis

Cedar Creek Cannabis is always premium marijuana. These were a gift from my friend Lisa Jackson who is a budtender and manager at Sweet Leaf in Aberdeen, WA. She brought them for an unsuccessful and a successful podcast recording session, one week after the other. What a rockstar she is!  I did my first knifers with these. I also smoked them in a bowl with and without flower. I got my quartz banger nice and hot and tried to dab it too - it left some residue but was a good time.

There's a rich citrus-chemical tang to the smell. The kief is smooth and sticks to the bud pretty well. Most flower sheds more crystals than this did. I even dropped it from a few inches to see - virtually none showered off.  For all that, it breaks well. Sizing the nug was easy, and I started with the tip of a pocket knife but just used my fingers to break it down. 

Inside, the bud is absolutely soaked in clean looking, orange smelling CO2. I tasted the CO2 as well and it had a strong orange cleaner type flavor.  I mean this is saturated - the center of the buds were a mushy consistency with the level of oil.

This burned best with a small nugget on top of a bed of flower. I held my lighter close enough to warm it first, and watched the CO2 bubble and pop, while the kief melted into a puddle then sparked. I burned it more and the bud under caught while the oil just melted like orange gravy all over everything.

A massive orangey-chemical cleaner flavor overwhelmed the extract experience but a prime sour diesel type flavor held through in the center - the bud was really flavorful inside. The kief got lost entirely in this. Exhaling, a tightness and coughing shook me for a moment but it was really clean overall. I held it down with the knifers, and barely coughed after a huge hooter full.

My high was great. This was uplifting and powerful. It was definitely a vibrant high with mobile feeling euphoria, a rollercoaster high. Legs were massive and the end was spectacularly clean for such a high potency mixed-method product.

Overall, this is intensely high, with great flavors. The product is not super unique, as there are moon rocks, caviars, and other type products. These are however, super well-done. I love everything about these and they're great for parties for sure.

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