Friday, March 18, 2016

Cannabis 21 Revisit in Aberdeen, WA

Store: Cannabis 21
Location: Aberdeen, WA
Leafly listing
AllBud listing

Visited: 02/06/2016 6:30 PM

Budtenders: Ryan - Presence, experienced, attentive, humble, gregarious
Jordan - Wild, boisterous, happy, exuberant, medical background

Overall: Return and Recommend!
Highlights: Welcoming, Farmer's Market, Fresh, Informative, Variety

I originally visited C21 back on 10/11/2015. We recorded an episode of the Marijuana Encyclopedia with couples consisting of budtenders from C21 and Sweet Leaf, and!

What an awesome store this is, and I'm so glad for the chance to come visit. I made a point to show up on a day I knew Aaron wouldn't be around, and it turned out that I had an entirely different shift of budtenders than the first time I visited - all new people to meet. Sadly, this means I've still yet to visit while Aaron is in his domain. I'll come hang sometime.

Walking in is the same as my first visit. Please remove your hat, glasses, and hoodies before entering, and show identification. You enter then the store is a great display of shelves in a rectangle surrounding a budtender space. Against the walls to the right are some awesome displays with accessories, and the ATM.

Everything is on offer like a farmer's market, laid out fresh and uniquely for you. One of each packaging or product is laid out, for fast moving marijuana like flower and concentrates. Some edibles, vape products, and one-off or new items are stocked in full. This provides a great view of what's for sale without being cluttered with piles of product.  These clean glass shelves are set full with concentrates and vape products to the left. Sativa is in the first shelf, indica further on. Around the far side are edible and drinkables.

Here everything is great, and the farms that are presented work in partnership with the retail team. C21 endorses the hard work that comes out of these amazing producer/processors. These budtenders highlight not only the flower and the other products on their shelves, but also want to share the story of each of these unique local farms, like our friends the Green Vault.

Cannabis 21 holds the spirit of community in very high regard, and they make sure that farmers they work with are encouraged to share their story and experience. After all, this is Washington's most incredible agricultural product. I truly appreciate this perspective, as that's what the Marijuana Encyclopedia - and many other coming projects - are all about: giving a voice to people working on the forefront of an amazing agricultural and retail industry.

Accessories are always important, and Cannabis 21 highlights some remarkable works. They have a solid variety of affordable dab rigs and mid-priced bongs, as well as some unique higher-end glass. They feature several local artists including David Schlott and XLB.

The big stone chillum came with a fitted internal piece that easily pushes ash out. You slap it against your hand and gravity forces it right out, clearing the chillum. It fits up to 2 grams in it! Carved stone grinders, metal-trimmed stone bowls, and these remarkable long wood and brass pipes are all dope. I want one of each, especially that tribal looking long wooden bowl. I regret not picking up a cool $15 locally blown glass sherlock, too.

The budtenders at C21 are all exceptional people, and I'm glad to get to know each of them. When I first came in, Jordan was engaged in a conversation with several novice users - 3 business colleagues having a fun Friday with one another. I watched her guide them through appropriate dosage for edible and drinkables, then she helped them pick out several sativas to keep the party going.

When things slowed down a bit, she shared her medical marijuana story with me. She has anxiety and really likes indicas which help her stay calmer. Jordan goes on to explain, that doesn't mean she won't smoke a good sativa hybrid, like Glass Slipper by Green Chief, her favorite sativa-hybrid. Her all time favorite strain is Medical Mass, and it's in stock right now. She likes to rotate through methods of consumption, smoking a joint while eating an edible then having a dab. It's a fun way to ingest a variety! Her favorite edibles are Evergreen Cannabis' 420 Bars, which have medical provenance.

I spoke to yet another Ryan in legal marijuana (there were two actually!) He just loves marijuana. He came in and hung out a little bit, got to know people, and then got hired as a budtender. He actually was engaged in adult education and working as an umpire, when he decided to come work in marijuana.

He smokes indica by preference, using it for body pain and for a muscle relaxation high. He was kneading his sore muscles while we spoke, and I heard him explaining topicals and how they can be helpful for pain relief. His favorite indica right now is the Blueberry Muffin by Forbidden Farms, which I picked up. He also endorsed the Glass Slipper.

Overall, I love everything about Cannabis 21. The location is great, their presentation is fantastic and farm-centric. Afterall, they do the hard work! Product is local, fresh, and priced to move. Thanks so much to the team for letting me come and visit, I had a great time.

I want to mention manager Ryan who did a great job. He put up with a bit of ribbing about being management, and me limiting my interactions to the grunts - the budtenders themselves. Thanks for understanding, Ryan. You were awesome, too. 

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