Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Cheese Quake Wax - Herb's Oil

Brand: Herb's Oil
Strain: Cheese Quake Wax
Indica-dominant Hybrid

Potency Analysis: TTL 75.5% THC 75.5% CBD 0.3%

Cost: $25 / 0.5 gram

Store: Lucid Martin Way in Olympia, WA

Harvested: ??/??/????
Smoked: 02/06/2016

Packaging: 1.5" x 0.75" screw-top plastic tub in 5" x 3.5" mylar rip-top zip-top bag

This is my first encounter with Herb's but I've heard others talking about them and after this experience, I'll be looking for more!

Opening the jewel jar was a treat, with a sweet smell of lilac and cleanser. Almost like the purple Fabuloso! stuff you see in discount retailers, but not quite as astringent or as powerful.

The color went from mustard to light umber color depending on the angle of viewing and how close you are to it. It's all crumbly and chunks off like cartoon swiss cheese, as you can see. This is wax done right.

The smoke is smooth, overall, the inhale pungent and deep cherry with an overwhelming chemical flavor at the end of the exhale. There is a slight burn on each hit of this, and it was pretty strong on the exhale.

All that ending flavors lead into a world spinning high that started out incredibly buzzed and spun, like a water-pressure rocket flying into the thoughtosphere.

When I lived in Tucson, I was a manager for a franchisee of McDonald's stores and there worked this woman named Elvita, who was amazingly charismatic and wonderful. She sang in a pidgin of English and 3 or 4 different Spanish dialects. One thing she often said to me, in her weird sing song rhyming was, "Michaelite`, cabeza de cohete" - which I was told translated to Little Michael with a Rocket Head, or something. It was basically nonsense pet name, but goddamn if it didn't become reality with this particular marijuana.

Coming down from that initial effect after some unknowable period of time, there settled over me a warm gentle relaxation.  This grew into robust body feeling and my head settling into foggy muck.

Overall the legs were huge, flavors were massive, and the high was potent. This is great stuff, so good it fulfilled nonsense from another era of my existence.

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