Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Ice (Pre-rolled) - Land of Lizards

Land of Lizards - Ice
I don't care what this label says. This is not indica-dominant, even if perhaps genetically it is. I was recommended this from budtender Brian on my recent visit to 420 Carpenter (revisit post coming in April!). He mentioned it as a sativa effect, as well.

How can you go wrong getting 2 full gram flower joints for just 10 bucks? This is a hell of a deal.

Opening this was vegetative and crisp. It smells really sweet. This required virtually no tailoring and burned really well right off the bat. We had a brief run, but no big.

The inhale on this was incredibly smooth. It had a flavor of freshness. Crisp, vegetative sugar-coated flavors dominate, with even more of that smoothness, as a mouthfeel. There's a big sensation in the mouth and tongue as a slickness - not oiliness - coats everything. It's a unique mouthgasm and I want to smoke so much more of this.

A nice well burnt aspect takes place in the vegetative profile after poking the doobie out and firing it back up later. It's really terpy, and complex undertones ride all over that same slickness - which is almost exactly the same mouthfull after half of one of these sat around for a day. It's really unique and pleasant.

The high on this starts in the mouth and spreads out and around the head into a flubbery kind of head sensation. My euphoria was such that I could turn my head, and everything felt bouncy. I was shot to the dome with this facial high. Suddenly, it turned into a clean, uplift with great energy and a nice happy effect that lasted for a long time as an aftereffect. Sadly, all the other effects of this faded within a just a few minutes.

Overall, what a value! I'm so glad this made it to #TwistedTuesday! It smoked well, had a good high, really profound head and face effects for sure and some unique taste. I seek happy strains, for medicine. The legs were dreadfully short. Once more, 2 grams for $10.

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