Monday, March 21, 2016

Kung Pow - Spark

Brand: Spark
Strain: Kung Pow
Sativa-dominant Hybrid

Potency Analysis: TTL 29.2% THC 0.81% CBD 0.19% THC 23%

Harvested: 01/13/2016
Smoked: 03/18/2016

Packaging: 4.5" x 3.5" mylar rip-top zip-top bag

Cost: $10/gram

Store: Freedom Market in Kelso, WA

Kung Pow - Spark

It's not every day that I see a new brand at one of my favorite stores, and just $10 a gram! I love this pricing and even the loud packaging. They label the sativa strains "Focus", which is what drew me to it in the first place!

The nug is fluffy and has a fruity, smooth smell. It really just turned to crumbs after a bit of manipulation - perfect bong weed, so I took a few rips off my 13" bong with this. 

Tastes were like the aroma - fruity, and smooth. Very generally fruit-punchy. There's nothing distinct in here. 

This marijuana had a quick uplift, definite attention to detail. This was a rocket-headed smoke with a fast start, explosively short legs, and rough end. I needed a nap after this for sure.

Overall, Kung Pow by Spark is the fastest smoking gram of legal marijuana I've had yet, and barely lasted me a few hours. I don't think that it is related to me smoking it out of my bong. I just smoked it often, because the high was so fast and left me so tired. Don't get me wrong - I'd buy this again, but only to mix in joints for a party.

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