Friday, March 25, 2016

Marijuana Encyclopedia Episode 11 part 1 - Lisa Jackson

Lisa Jackson is a member of the management team and a Budtender at Sweet Leaf in Aberdeen, WA - her touch is evident throughout the funky, music-minded boutique. She's engaged to co-host Aaron Cain - we talk about a relationship between budtenders (both with some influence) from competing retailers. Marijuana is her medicine, and she is the Marijuana Encyclopedia's first female guest!

We smoked a wide array of marijuana - all of it from either Sweet Leaf or from the store co-host Aaron works at Cannabis 21 in Aberdeen, WA. There's an original visit, but we just posted the linked Revisit the day we recorded this episode of the Encyclopedia. It was awesome.

There was a variety of glass on the table - Lisa brought her awesome Octopus steamroller by Jeremy at Elements Glass Art, We had some Special K Glass in the form of this dope purple bong - which we'll get some better views of in future - and a return of the Special K pumpkin dabber from Encyclopedia Episode 8. Also on the table is my current favorite glass rig which I got at a local.

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