Thursday, March 17, 2016

Mickey Kush - Avitas

Brand: Avitas
Strain: Mickey Kush

Potency Analysis: TTL 25.75% THC 23.95% CBD 0.05%

Cost: $14/gram

Store: the Freedom Market in Kelso, WA

Harvested: 02/03/2016
Smoked: 03/13/2016

Packaging: 4" x 3.3" mylar rip-top zip-top bag Mickey Kush - Avitas

I got this recommended to me by a budtender I totally trust. Cameron (now without a moustache) forewarned me that it was a little on the well-cured side, but it was a great sativa for day-time use.

Opening the bag, this smells clean and sparklingly light. The scent reminds me of the sparkling nature of limoncello in a slightly fluted glass. It spreads and becomes slightly stronger when broken down.

On the inhale it's a clean, gentle vegetative smoke. There's no real aftertaste beyond that remarkable clean freshness and a pale flavor, at that.

A smooth high took me, and uplifted me with a smiling, happy feel. This marijuana's smell, feel, and flavor all mirror the high. Gentle and sparkling. This is light and happy, with good uplift. Legs were moderately long
Overall, clean. How much can I say it? It embodies this awesome strain. It's a limited edition and I hope they have this growing again sometime soon because it's fantastic. This is a great happy and uplifting, work-day type marijuana. In fact, it's my Entwife's new favorite strain - and I am partial to it as well. We smoked it and it helped lift off a lovely weekend day together (and a special one at that). 13.

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